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Maid of Sker

Wales Interactive
Jul 28, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Maid of Sker - Official Gameplay Trailer | Calon Lân thumbnail

Maid of Sker - Official Gameplay Trailer | Calon Lân

Maid of Sker | Official Trailer - Suo Gân (Welsh Lullaby) thumbnail

Maid of Sker | Official Trailer - Suo Gân (Welsh Lullaby)

Maid of Sker - Official Teaser Trailer (4K) thumbnail

Maid of Sker - Official Teaser Trailer (4K)

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Critic Reviews for Maid of Sker


No Recommendation / Blank

An effectively eerie backdrop is undone slightly by frustrating stealth in this enjoyable indie horror game.

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Though Maid of Sker has an intriguing premise, it is very often a frustrating chore to play.

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Maid of Sker is a great addition to the survival horror genre and offers a wonderfully intimate and local threat that takes its influences from Welsh folktales. Eschewing the combat and weaponry of many entries into the genre, its gameplay loop of sneaking and hiding proves compelling and successfully manages to keep you feeling in danger at all times. When you add in some excellent sound design and atmosphere you have a Victorian horror that deserves a rousing reception. There may not be a welcome in these valleys but this is one vacation that genre fans should have no reservations about taking.

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A good horror game with several RE7 inspirations and, at the same time, a very simple way to make us feel scared. Great experience even with the technical difficulties.

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Maid of Sker - in some ways - could be described as a sort of Resident Evil 7 without weapons. A dilapidated house full of puzzles, the backtracking that repopulates deserted areas at first and the general atmosphere, have brought to mind several times the Capcom adventure. Clearly, the technical side pays the price for an immeasurably lower level of production, but in the same way it outlines the strength of its own qualities. Maid of Sker, however, is all about stealth, and while it gives us some tools to distract or block enemies, it doesn't stray far from its initial structure. Had it not been for a dark, kneaded aesthetic and some rather unfortunate game choices, we'd have a little classic on our hands.

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Maid of Sker has an interesting story based on the House of Sker folklore. The use of binaural sounds is extremely well done but is let down by its reliance on jump scares and repetitive sound effects. The holding your breath mechanic does help and adds an extra layer to the survival aspect.

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Josh Wise
6 / 10

The designs of Elizabeth's family aren't so much foreshadowed as foreshouted, and the plot soon wavers off-key and winds up shipwrecked. But something about it hangs around, like the hum of an unsettling tune.

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That said, the atmosphere, mystery, and overall feel of the game offer enough of a reason to see things through to the end, and, though it will primarily appeal to horror fans, Maid of Sker is definitely worth checking out.

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