What Happened

Genius Slackers, Sourena Game Studio, KATNAPPE SP. Z O. O.
Jul 30, 2020 - PC
Weak Man

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Critic Reviews for What Happened

What Happens is an interesting and mostly successful addition to the growing field of games that focus on mental health issues. Most of what it sets out to do works well despite the glaring issues with polish and acting ability. There were moments which were more successful than others and it would benefit from making it clearer where alternative approaches were available. It is clear that Genius Slackers' ambition is greater than their abilities but I applaud the attempt to use gaming for such a vital and powerful message.

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More often than not, What Happened is a better sight-seeing trip than it is an exploration of anxiety and depression.

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What Happened sacrifices almost everything to achieve an impressive story, but in the end, it's not worthwhile.

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What Happened by showing the problems of people suffering from depression and other internal and mental problems not only leads them to new horizons but also provides new concepts for other players. At a time when most iranian game are reduced to short-term mobile works, this title has some respectable ideas. What Happened is admirable thanks to its excellent art design and appropriate use of sound and music elements. However, the overly simple gameplay , the lack of challenge, the very ordinary storytelling and the poor characterization, rejects some players to enjoy from game and prevent it from reaching the point that the creators expect.

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A more succinct journey would have been more effective, and some gameplay elements don’t quite pay off, but to say it’s been created by a small team, What Happened deserves to be praised.

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Without any unique selling point that it handles at least competently, What Happened is ultimately hard to qualify as anything more than awful.

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What Happened starts from a much-needed premise, but it ends up being excessively long, tedious and boring, destroying its main objective. The numerous graphical and programming errors are too heavy, in addition to an excess of filling and repeatability that does not help improve the experience. Despite all its flaws, it should be played at least once in order to understand depression from within.

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I know it sounds like I’ve been hard on What Happened, but that’s because I feel like it had so much potential. With its outstanding artistic direction, creepy atmosphere, and unique premise, I had high hopes for the game. And while it occasionally managed to pull me into its world of drug-fueled hysteria and desperation, its repetitive gameplay and painful writing had me eager to reach the finale. My playthrough of the game took me just over five hours, but I feel like the story could have reached its conclusion in half that time without taking anything away from the game’s experience.

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