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Jul 31, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Tiny Racer

With its bouncy physics and ludicrously aggressive AI, Tiny Racer feels unbalanced at best, completely unfair at worst. This makes for one of the least fun racers around.

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Tiny Racer doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, but can offer up quick and fun racing challenges for younger gamers especially.

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Tiny Racer is an extremely hard title to recommend to anyone. The non-contact racing is fine, and if there was an option in the settings to complete races without bumping into other cars or getting flung off the course by a ramp, then this might have had more going for it. Heck, even if it threw the racing out the window, and instead became a stunt-game that focused on accruing points for performing crazy and whimsical stunts, this would've been a more enjoyable experience - but alas, Tiny Racer takes the best parts of 'yeeting' toy cars in a bedroom, and turns it into a highly frustrating digital experience.

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Tiny Racer looks like a super cool toy car driving game but the controls and crazy glitches make this game more frustrating than anything. Even the comic book "sound effect" words don't help it.

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It feels like a game that was created in about a week without any attention to details or a specific goal in mind aside from 'let's make the cars tiny'. Honestly, it even failed in that regard. It's been said that Nintendo allows practically anything on the Switch eShop nowadays and Tiny Racer has strengthened that belief for me.

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I can’t give it much praise at all – Tiny Racer is a bad game.

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Tiny Racer is a nice little game to play now and then. It's fun, hard, a little bit frustrating from times to times but still fair. There are some technical issues and the courses are rather flat. The focus of the game is the fun to steer a toy car - apart from that, there's not too many great things about the game. All in all, the name says it all.

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Tiny Racer isn’t the equivalent of you having a grand ol’ time driving your toy cars into one another as it the equivalent of you trying to race said cars down a toy track, only for your little brother to run in, yell “mom said it’s my turn,” despite it not actually being his turn, and start picking the cars on your track and chucking them at each other. It’s frustrating, unfair, and it’s really not something that you want to deal with.

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