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Hermanos Magia, Indienova
Jul 28, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Arrog

An enjoyable game with a clearly defined style, pleasing audio and satisfying puzzles. However, it's also incredibly short and offers no incentive to replay. Sitting very firmly in a niche category, Arrog will appeal to few, but if this kind of game is your bag then give it a go, if only once.

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If you're coming at this from the perspective of a Trophy hunter rather than seeking out a unique experience, Arrog will serve you well, too. You can attain a super simple Platinum comfortably inside an hour, if that's what you're after. However, that feels a little reductive given the game's tone. If you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind adventure, don't mind a short runtime, and want to meet some ethereal capybaras, this ticks all those very specific boxes.

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Arrog is powerful but not for everyone.

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Ultimately, this is an artistic game first and foremost, and the puzzles are the medium in which players participate in the story. It is bittersweet and real, rooted in cultural significance. I fully expect this game to be snapped up by trophy collectors looking for an easy platinum, but I sincerely hope that everyone who purchases Arrog appreciates the experience as much as I. If you have a few dollars burning a hole in your PSN wallet, consider using them to pick up Arrog. I really want to see more from Hermanos Magia in the future.

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It is fantastic to see the medium of video games 'do' and 'be' things like Arrog. Sure, it's a tricky one to review and recommend 'as a videogame' because it's not strictly one per se. It can have the descriptive, but it is also a bit more artsy, more personal, more meditative. It almost seems like it'd be perfect for a rainy Sunday morning with nothing else going on to just soak in. Definitely there is room for a lot more for this kind of thing to be incorporated into the medium. It'd be nice to see it become more of a norm to see rather than an exception, but it stands out for that reason. Admittedly, it will likely appeal to a certain kind of person, one that is more contemplative, but it is also worth the price of admission to find out if thee is that certain kind of person. This is also an easy platinum to achieve. Simple, the key word here is simple. Perhaps the desire might have been to get something a little more substantial or, as Jamiroquai would say, to go a little deeper underground. But actually it's completely okay not to go deeper underground. It's easy to overeat. Perhaps it is the simplicity that makes this work, and exist as a true alternative. Affecting and very worthwhile.

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I play a good amount of indie games yet this game, I believe, is the first game I have played by a Peruvian game developer. My first playthrough left me scratching my head at the cryptic story. It was only after reading an article on Peruvian funeral traditions did I begin to see the story and its metaphors with more clarity. It is experiences like this that make me happy as both a gamer and an anthropologist. As barriers for video game development become less and less of an obstacle, gamers are more and more likely to come across games made from cultures they have never been in contact with.

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A symbolic exploration of the afterlife steeped in Peruvian culture, Arrog doesn’t do enough to put its story in the context it needed. It’s certainly pretty at times and there’s an interesting message about life and death buried deep in the figurative imagery for those that go looking for it, but compared to its peers, it struggles to tell its tale effectively.

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To go too far would be totally inappropriate when talking about Arrog, not only because of the short duration of the title, but because there is not much to say. A game experience that through simple puzzles and a beautiful and careful artistic section leaves a nice pose.

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