Necronator: Dead Wrong

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6 / 10.0
Sep 17, 2020

In a few months, Necronator: Dead Wrong could be a solid addition to the Slay the Spire-inspired card builder roguelike genre. As it stands now, it doesn't have the polish or content to stand out. The visuals are nice, the humor is amusing, and there's a lot of potential here, but the game is still obviously in production. Considering the glut of similar games on the market, Necronator isn't worth picking up until it has all of its playable characters. I'd like to be more positive about it, but I can only judge the game as it is, not as it will be. In a few months, I hope that most of my complaints will be addressed, but until then, I'd recommend finding a more complete game to play.

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Aug 25, 2020

Necronator: Dead Wrong is a good recommendation to anyone looking for a casual game to play, and thanks to its low requirements it’ll run on just about any computer they may happen to have.

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65 / 100
Aug 20, 2020

Necronator: Dead Wrong is a tower defense with deck building and spectacular visuals. It is worth playing now, but the content may fall short. Future content will continue to polish the game, and the end result will be even better.

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61 / 100
Aug 8, 2020

Necronator: Dead Wrong hasn't evolved as much as I would like it to. Mirabella's deck is much more balanced and useful than the other protagonist's, and at times, the game unfolds its full potential here. There's a lot of things to be frustrated at still and fairness isn't always a thing. Necronator shows typical weaknesses of procedurally generated games and also the technical issues haven't been fixed completely. It's fun again and again, but also the frustration comes back.

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Aug 5, 2020

Despite some very minor shortcomings, the entertaining writing and engaging visual flair elevates the game's experimental gameplay combination of addictive deck-building and unpredictable real-time strategy. Cute and colourful, Necronator: Dead Wrong is one unique strategy experience you won't soon forget.

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