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Sep 11, 2018

Failbetter Games have brought upon themselves a trademark capable of enduring over time, born with Fallen London back in the day and now present in both Sunless Sea and the upcoming Sunless Skies. This is by far the best way to experience the studio's vision and their unique take in narrative driven games.

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Aug 14, 2019

Ion Fury mixes old and new in a throwback FPS that deftly builds its own enduring identity.

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May 22, 2020

Huntdown is a throwback run and gun shooter that cares about style and rewards precision.

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Nov 14, 2017

Nex Machina feels like a living retro experience in which the player gets trapped inside an arcade machine. The only way out is to get better, and destroy machines in the most stylish way you can possibly think.

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Oct 1, 2017

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is more than a "western JRPG", it manages to reinvent and bring new elements to the genre in many unique ways.

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83% - Strafe
May 8, 2017

STRAFE proves to be a worthy spiritual successor of all the classics of the genre, while also introducing modern elements that fit well into the gameplay. While the experience can be frustrating sometimes due to unfair damage and bugs, Pixel Titans delivered a solid and addictive game.

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81% - Crawl
Dec 19, 2017

Crawl is an exceptional multiplayer that takes a huge advantage of the Switch's portability. An unique game that should be present in all parties.

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Nov 13, 2018

Hitman 2 takes everything you love from the series and expands on it in every way.

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May 30, 2019

Void Bastards is a roguelite shooter that encourages experimentation and smart thinking in outer space, and it mostly works to great effect.

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- Rad
Aug 15, 2019

RAD is a roguelike that presents a world worth fighting for.

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