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Tokyo 42

Mode 7 Games, SMAC Games
May 31, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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6.5 / 10
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5.9 / 10
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Tokyo 42 Launch Trailer - Out Now on PC and Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for Tokyo 42

Thanks to the imprecision of its shooting controls and the cheap behaviour of its AI, I could never really develop any confidence in Tokyo 42's frustrating combat. Which is a shame because, glitches aside, I really loved exploring the wonderfully crafted world and the simple yet still challenging nature of its stealth-based assassinations. This tiny hitman game dresses smart, packs the right kind of ammunition and certainly aims its sights high, it just doesn't quite nail the execution.

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Beautiful, strange and sometimes a bit fiddly, Tokyo 42 offers a dazzling toybox to explore.

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An intricate, beautiful playground for some enjoyably open-ended assassinations.

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This beautiful cyberpunk playground holds a staggering amount of detail but not enough reasons to stay.

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On Tokyo 42's website, the developers boast the game as a beloved blend of Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto, and honestly, they couldn't be more wrong and right. It's both those games in spirit, but twists them into something wholly its own. Tokyo 42 is an isometric cyberpoppunk action-shooter with a city that's worth getting lost in.

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Even with the occasional camera-related annoyance and a couple of less-than-stellar timed platforming challenges, Tokyo 42 is a thrilling game.

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As far as debut projects go, Tokyo 42 is a great game with a fascinating sense of style and a confident swagger, let down by a handful of little things. Controlling how to shoot takes some getting used to and that sharp increase in difficulty was unwelcome to say the least, yet I had a fantastic time sneaking around and assassinating targets however I wished. A great effort.

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Tokyo 42 offers a pretty cool city of the future to explore, a beautiful art style and tributes masterpieces of both game industry and film industry with great class, but fails to provide an entertaining experience. The game it's quite too hard in part of its (many) missions because of its stiff camera and its not so pleasant way to aim, plus, it has technical problems.

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