Niche - A Genetics Survival Game

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Niche - A Genetics Survival Game

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 3, 2020
PCSep 15, 2016

Developer: Stray Fawn

Publisher: Stray Fawn

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Niche - a genetics survival game is a fresh blend of turn-based strategy and simulation combined with rogue-like elements. Shape your own species of cat/fox/bear/dog-like animals based on real genetics. Keep your animals alive against all odds, such as hungry predators, climate change and spreading sickness. Key Features: - Living, dynamic world to test your survival skills - Breeding system based on real genetics - Over 100 genes to shape your species - Procedural worlds and animals - 5 biomes featuring different predators, prey and flora to explore - Game mechanics inspired on population genetics Educational aspects: While playing Niche, the player is introduced to the scientific mechanics of genetics (featuring dominant-recessive, co-dominant inheritance, etc). The game also features the five pillars of population genetics (genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, sexual selection). All knowledge is interwoven with the game-mechanics. This creates the effect of learning by playing.

Niche - A Genetics Survival Game Critic Reviews


Unknown Author
6 / 10.0

As a science lesson, it’s pretty nifty. As a game, I didn’t care for it.

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Niche is cute, and has some interesting ideas about evolution and adapting to changing circumstances. One of its best charms is the feeling of connection with the first animals as it fades away into a unique connection simply with the continuing family line. These are marred by a very repetitive turn structure, and an exceedingly complex gene system - both serve to get in the way of having fun. The vision is exciting, but the reality is too much of a grind to recommend in any large capacity, beyond the novelty of interacting with life/death in a memorable way, if nothing else.

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A game that keeps me playing for just one more turn, and then one more, even when I’m tired after a long day is a great game in my book. Niche – A Genetics Survival Game isn’t a game for everyone. Of course, you can dive in and just create your family without keeping the genetics in mind. But the deeper I delved, the more the game appealed to me. Notebook at the ready, keeping track of what genes I wanted to strive for, making choices to make the gene pool stable and strong. I love it. So if you like a game that you can sink your teeth in, and you love planning, strategising and playing around to get the best results, then Niche is your game. No fighting (well, aside from defending yourself from a predator), no violence, taking your time and trying to get a thriving tribe of Nichelings while exploring the surroundings. It will make for many, many hours of gaming fun.

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