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Paradise Killer

Kaizen Game Works, Fellow Traveller
Sep 4, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer's gorgeously cruel setting masks a compulsive, deeply thoughtful take on the detective game.

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A stylish, dreamily wrought open-world detective adventure that dances masterfully on the edge of cosmic nightmare.

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An incredible world of demons, mystery, and vaporwave, Paradise Killer sets new standards for the detective genre.

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Paradise Killer is an exemplary adventure game that nails detective work in a way few games do.

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Paradise Killer drips with endearing style and charm, but can't quite make its finale match up to its opening hours. Discovering intrigue and mystery is compelling at the start, but the good gets lost in its collectible busywork. Paradise Killer is a good option for virtual detective fanatics in need of new mysteries, but it lacks the staying power of other modern mystery giants.

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8.5 / 10.0

Paradise Killer is a strange experience. Even having completed it, I have difficulty putting into words what it was like to play it. It's sometimes boring, often intriguing, frequently funny, and startlingly deep. I didn't go into this expecting such an amazing detective experience, but that's exactly what I got. It's rare to see a game so adeptly balance style and substance, and even though it's not a flawless experience, it has it where it counts. We may have just fallen short of Paradise this time around, but the next cycle could be perfect.

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Paradise Killer is a pure, unguided detective mystery that doesn't dare hold your hand. You, and you alone, are in charge of seeking out not only the truth of this locked room murder, but the truth of the wild and cosmically corrupt world that the game takes place in. The open ended nature of the investigation can be daunting at first, and while some clunky platforming and frequent periods of downtime can sour the experience just a bit, Paradise Killer still manages to be one of the most well put together and utterly satisfying mystery games I've ever experienced.

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There's a lot to love with Paradise Killer. From the cool cast of characters, to the open-ended nature of the investigation, players will find it easy to dive in.

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