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Transformers: Battlegrounds

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Oct 23, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Transformers: Battlegrounds

Transformers Battlegrounds is a great entry point into turn-based strategy game for younger Transformers fans, and even older fans looking for a more relaxed XCOM-style experience.

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5.5 / 10.0
Ken McKown

Transformers Battlegrounds is a decent game that is marred by being confused as to who it is aimed for. Diehard fans of the franchise like me won’t find much challenge or diversity here to enjoy. Kids jumping in might not share the same nostalgia for these characters. The game also carries a hefty price tag, doesn’t feature online play, and boasts a relatively short campaign. While Transformers could work well in the genre, I am not sure this one hits on all the right notes

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Transformers: Battlegrounds is a fun, inclusive, tactics game that may act as a gateway into the genre for younger gamers. If you can look past the mobile-esque aesthetic, the core gameplay is fun even though it doesn’t reach the heights of XCOM or Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

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Transformers: Battlegrounds is far from the disaster you may expect; it delivers a fun, accessible turn-based tactical experience which is sadly a little too easy. It might make a good game for someone new to the genre, or kids looking to get involved, but we'd wager that even children might find this one a little too simple. It's a good effort and it does right by Cybertron's finest, but there's just not enough of it to justify the price. When it goes on sale, though, it'll be time to (ahem) roll out.

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Transformers: Battlegrounds is a simple and functional tactical combat game starring Optimus Prime and Megatron which is very good. What's very bad is that it looks last-gen, has a jaggedy curve with minimal overall challenge and doesn't shout 'Play me!' too often. If you're ok with that, then you have a few hours of relaxing fun ahead of you.

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“Transformers: Battlegrounds” is a brilliant and beautiful turn-based strategy game suitable for the whole family, especially those who are already Transformers fans. Even with its simple design, the developer has still put quite a lot of effort into making the animations and graphics run smoothly regardless of which Xbox console you’re playing on or its resolution. Game difficulty is very much on the easier end of the spectrum as the hardest setting would be the equivalent of normal or easy for more experienced players. “Transformers: Battlegrounds” will give gamers hours’ worth of fun thanks to its enormous amount of replay value in the form of solo and two-player mini-games such as capture the flag and elimination. I strongly recommend “Transformers: Battlegrounds” to anyone who is either a Transformers fan or who are looking for a challenging game for young kids.

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Transformers: Battlegrounds is a moderately enjoyable but largely forgettable game.

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Transformers Battlegrounds is well-crafted when it comes to being a fine gateway into the tactical RPG genre.

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