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Cake Bash

Coatsink, High Tea Frog, Coatsink
Oct 15, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Cake Bash

Cake Bash has provided my family and I the most fun we've had in front of the telly all year. It's a wonderfully enjoyable and completely hilarious party game, one that is accessible to all players. The argument can be made that it's a little light on content but then isn't that that the way with the best of cakes? Sweet, delicious, moreish and gone all too soon.

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Cake Bash is a delicious party game to play with friends locally or online. With a nice variety of mini games and unique decoration shopping it's well worth chowing down on.

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A delectable morsel of saccharine sweetness that everybody can enjoy, Cake Bash is that rare kind of party game that is instantly accessible and can fit into just about any gap in your schedule. An easy recommendation for players of all ages who just want to feel their faces crease again.

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Cake Bash is an extremely polished four-player collection of minigames and competitions that is perfect for families as well as more experience players. This is the sort of game that is meticulously designed so that anyone can pick up a controller and enjoy it. Though the amount of content in the game feels light, the amount of entertainment to be gained from this package far outweighs the asking price.

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Each of the games are fun for what they are, but unfortunately there's just not quite enough going on. The rounds are over quickly, and there's not a huge variety, meaning you'll probably have your fill before long. It's a well crafted game that looks and sounds great, but there just isn't an awful lot to sink your teeth into. For an evening or two of candy-flavoured fun playing online or off, this is an entertaining treat — it's just something you'll want to snack on sparingly.

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Cake Bash delivers on both style and substance, the game is extremely cute and fun to play. The unique variety of mini-games keeps players engaged and allows Cake Bash to stand out from the crowd. The only downside is that the single-player experience may become a bit boring once you’ve mastered the gameplay. However, Cake Dash is a great party game to play locally or online, and is a refreshing take on these styles of games. If you are looking for a new way to connect with your friends or family, I think this would be an excellent choice. Cake Bash is as sweet as it looks.

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A stand-out party game, Cake Bash deserves a place on your Switch menu. As with all games of its type, it benefits from having your friends alongside you, but online play with matchmaking (here called "matchbaking") works well, and you can play with bots if you really feel like you need to. It's only the eventual repetition that brings down Cake Bash, and that's really in the pie of the beholder. Far more than a mere trifle, Cake Bash belongs in the upper crust. We suspect the publisher's profit(erole) turnover to rake in the bread. Donut miss this one! (Reviewer is roughly bundled into an unmarked van and shot.)

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Cake Bash is sweet and tasty all-out multiplayer mayhem, even if it lacks a little depth. There's enough variety in the mini games to keep you playing, especially in Get Tasty mode. However, we wish that unlocking mini games and stages in Recipe mode were more clearly laid out. Things can also get a little hectic and confusing on Nintendo Switch's handheld display, with docked play definitely preferable. If you're after another frantic and fun co-op party game, Cake Bash is a great addition to your Switch library.

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