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Disc Room

Terri, Dose, Kitty, and JW, Devolver Digital
Oct 23, 2020 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Disc Room | October 22 | Nintendo Switch and PC

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Critic Reviews for Disc Room


No Recommendation / Blank

A fast-paced arcade game with the soul of a puzzler.

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Disc Room provides hours of high-stress fun for daring adventurers, and a few mysteries to solve.

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Exciting and stressful in the way all good twitch-action games are, Disc Room makes you cherish every second you manage to survive in its sawblade-filled stages.

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Disc Room is a hell of floating discs, obscure puzzles and inevitable death. It's great.

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Disc Room wants to cut you in so many ways. It wants to chew you up, dismantle you, and make you say a swear or 50 creatively woven into the same sentence. It’s bullet hell without the regular therapy of being able to return fire. But for all of those aspects, it's also horribly addicting. The ease of picking up where you left off and trying your darndest to survive just a little bit longer to unlock a room left me putting down my controller, rubbing my head, and then often picking it up to say, “this will be the time I get it. This time.” It’s not a ridiculously long or complex romp. But it also doesn’t really need to be. It knows what it wants to be. It wants to be your murderer. And the only way you’re going to thwart it is by surviving just long enough to open its next doors and beat its myriad of challenges.

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Being a game that will no doubt test your reflexes and tenacity, Disc Room will make the number of deaths you have in a Dark Souls game look miniscule in comparison.

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Disc Room is an addictive title that lends itself to short bursts of play. On its surface it’s a very basic title, but in reality it plays with its formula in such fun ways that make it more than just dodging discs. Anyone on the fence like I was should try out the demo, which is a great taste for what the game offers, because I don’t think I’m doing this game justice. Neither does all the promotion Devolver has done for this game. Disc Room is something different, and I like it.

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I had no real expectations for this game, and I still managed to be blindsided by what I discovered. Tough, tiny indie games often try to supplement their size with atmosphere, but the results are often mixed. Here, a small project from a smaller team has brewed a fabulous blend of mechanical finesse and atmospheric splendor. The game is crazy hard, and some of the puzzle elements are pretty obtuse, but I still loved it. If you’re not so impressed by the screenshots and the trailers, take my word for it: Disc Room is so much better than you’re expecting it to be.

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