Dude, Where is My Beer?

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 5, 2020

Developers: Arik Zurabian, Edo Brenes

Publisher: Arik Zurabian

Genre: Adventure

Can you find a normal beer in a world of conspicuously flavoured craft beer, and solve the mystery of the elusive, missing pilsner, using nostalgic interface from the golden age of adventure games? Talk to West Coast IPA and American Black Ale drinking hipsters and solve beer related puzzles at different stages of drunkenness; explore locations like a sports bar, a microbrewery, a dive bar and a rock bar in the city of Oslo, in your quest of finding a pilsner. Wishlist “Dude, Where Is My Beer?” today and get a free beer* *beer not included KEY FEATURES: Nostalgic interface from the 90s Beer-o-meter, our own invention, helps you keep track of your level of inebriation And remember: Drink responsibly!

Dude, Where is My Beer? Critic Reviews

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2.5 / 5.0

A humorous adventure about a simple man in his quest for a simple Pilsner. It can't be that hard, can it?

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I wasn't too well during the last few days. Dude, where is my Beer? cheered me up so much.

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The only thing I can say for certain is in an ironic twist, all this game really made me want to do is drink a bunch of hipster craft brews. I might have actually gone out and bought a bunch after playing this game. Ok, I absolutely did. Cheers!

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I think we should be grateful for such an openly classic graphic adventure, in its concept and development, with healthy humor in its argument and aesthetics. Its focus is very directed to players with a certain callousness and age in this genre, but it is also important to note that it will not be complicated for someone without baggage in these lines can manage, although it will be necessary to have a little patience with their traditional way of doing things.

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