XIII Reviews

XIII is ranked in the 2nd percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
3 / 10.0
Jan 15, 2021

With no AI improvements and a clear design choice of using 3D models, the aesthetics of the original XIII spoil it more than they improve it.

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Stan Rezaee
8 / 10
Sep 16, 2022

The 2022 XIII remake is a second chance to give new life to a cult classic. Unlike the previous attempt, this version does right by its fans by honoring the cult classic. It also does a great job at introducing it to a new generation of gamers.

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6.7 / 10.0
Sep 20, 2022

Credit to the people behind the original title, it doesn’t just differentiate itself with its cool visual style

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Sep 25, 2022

The remake of XIII can be considered playable now thanks to the efforts of studio Tower Five, but polishing it above mediocrity would just not be possible without starting the development from the ground up.

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5 / 10
Sep 26, 2022

So is this an improvement over the original version of the remake? Absolutely. Tower Five seems to have done its best to re-work the experience without completely starting over, but it could only take it so far. This is one remake we really don't need.

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60 / 100
Sep 30, 2022

Although the remake of XIII was released in 2020 to generally negative reviews, this version, which is now being released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series -and to which the 2020 versions will be updated for free- has corrected several of the initial problems of the game, although there is still work to be done. If you couldn't enjoy the original game in its day, this remake in its current state may already be a good option for it, as long as we stick to its flaws.

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2.5 / 5.0
Oct 12, 2022

All things said and done, this was never a game even when it did come out that was perfect, and today many years later it does struggle against the titles that currently flood our marketplace. There are games that are five or six years old that are better than what you're looking at now at a fraction of the price, or in some cases actually free depending on the level of membership you have with the console of your choice. I would suggest if you're curious to wait for this game to hit said memberships or to plummet in price as unfortunately I'm sure that it will in a very short matter of time. Sadly, I really struggle to recommend this game to anyone.

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2.8 / 5.0
Oct 14, 2022

XIII Remake is still brimming with inconsistencies. The story is good, and the visuals have improved, but the gameplay is a bit messy. Although there are a few improvements, it does not feel like I was playing a current-gen game. Without the story, I am certain I wouldn’t have bothered playing this game again. The plot and the graphics carried this game. Microids were given another chance, and they didn’t do enough with it. Having said this, some restorations were brought to a classic.

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7.3 / 10.0
Oct 14, 2022

XIII is a linear first-person shooter with a neat graphical style that offers simple fun akin to a game that belongs in an arcade. However, FPS veterans may be put off due to its linearity and general lack of depth.

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