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What Comes After

fahmitsu, Rolling Glory Jam
Nov 5, 2020 - PC

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Hey Poor Player
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Critic Reviews for What Comes After

It is a very short experience, clocking in at just around an hour long, so even if you find the gameplay to be a tad tedious, the game at the very least does not overstay its welcome. If you're more interested in narrative as opposed to gameplay, you will likely find some enjoyment here, but those who are more interested in gameplay should probably steer clear. What Comes After has a lot to say, and even if a shoddy translation takes the impact down a bit, it's still worth a look if its premise has caught your eye.

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What Comes After is a short narrative experience that doesn’t ask much from the player but has a lot to offer in return. Its playtime may not run long, but the effect it had on me lingered for far longer.

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If What Comes After can help those dealing with mental health struggles, then that’s a wonderful thing. But it doesn’t cover these topics delicately; its messages aren’t hidden anywhere, they’re in-your-face, front and centre. However, it’s all the other issues What Comes After tries to deal with – deforestation, animal abuse and more – that ruin the experience. As important as all of those issues are, What Comes After doesn’t give enough time for them to have any real purpose or meaning. Had it been more focused, it could have had much more impact.

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Hey Poor Player

Unknown Author
4 / 5.0
Hey Poor Player

For an hour’s worth of emotional, important gameplay at the price of a cup of coffee, What Comes After is a must-play for anyone who needs to be reminded that life is worth living. That they’re not a burden on their loved ones. That others are praying for their health and happiness. That other souls depend on them. That they have redeeming qualities. That it’s okay to not be okay. To just breathe. If you are not currently suicidal, please consider picking up What Comes After to hear these powerfully reaffirming messages — the words we’ve needed to hear after a harrowing year.

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What Comes After doesn’t go much further than “Remember happy memories” and “It’ll get better with time.” I just don’t feel that’s enough to really examine this topic. However, the presentation is charming enough, and the entire experience can be completed in less than an hour, to which it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Perhaps more time would have allowed them to explore the themes they introduced further.

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What Comes After communicates one of the most important messages we need this year.

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A tale of self-discovery, forgiveness, and all the love, life, memories, and regrets that make us human. A philosophical journey that will have players thinking deeply about their own life and place in the world. This game is an amazing experience wrapped up in a charming artistic style. There is also the hint of a lesson in this game as well; the lesson being that humanity needs to do better. The way we treat our fellow living creatures we share this planet with is, quite usually, not all that great. As the intelligent beings we are, we can – and should – strive to do better. Just as Vivi discovers: perhaps we can’t change everyone, but we can try… and we can most certainly change ourselves. That’s all it takes to make the world a more kind and beautiful place. The game is short and sweet, and you’ll easily be able to finish it in one sitting. However, keep a box of tissues handy, as you’re probably going to need a whole box of them by the end of What Comes After.

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