Freddy Spaghetti

Playful Pasta, Ratalaika Games S.L., Playful Pasta

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Freddy Spaghetti

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SDec 16, 2020
PlayStation 5Dec 15, 2020
Nintendo SwitchDec 18, 2020
PlayStation 4Dec 15, 2020
Xbox OneDec 16, 2020
PCApr 1, 2020

Developer: Playful Pasta

Publishers: Ratalaika Games S.L., Playful Pasta

Genres: Adventure, Simulation, Arcade

Follow along Freddy's story as you plunge head first into challenges and obstacles. Created in a laboratory machine by the brilliant Dr. P Starr, Freddy’s story turned out to be quite the adventure that would follow. Freddy uses rope physics to simulate a squishy, stretchy, ropey character. Walk, Run, Jump, Slide, Slap, Smash, Kick, Dodge and Epic Fail your way to the Goal. Overcome the environment, master your spaghetti! FEATURES - Fun and easy controls - Physics all over the place - Unique levels - Hilarious and captivating story - Professional narration - Heaps of personality

Freddy Spaghetti Critic Reviews

Freddy Spaghetti will surprise you, with a charming story that provides some laughs and constantly evolving gameplay.

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Freddy Spaghetti feels a bit like a novelty Christmas present. Some will open the gift and get the joke and like it but others will open it probably be polite and smile and not understand, then possibly give it away to someone next year. It’s a nice price to take a chance on, maybe even consider buying it for a friend, but if you’ve not been sold on physics-based games like Octodad or Human: Fall Flat before this will unlikely be the one to win you over. I guess it is the best video game ever about Spaghetti though.

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Freddy searches for his place in the world in an adventure of exploration, skill and even with a narrative touch. It's not a very long proposal, nor too complex, but it's curious enough to deserve a look... and to have a little patience in Freddy's curious handling. But should a piece of pasta with its own conscience be handled like other protagonists? One of the most atypical 'heroes' in the world, whatever I say.

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Though Freddy Spaghetti won’t push your abilities, and the world that you explore isn’t the most up to date looking environment, it all works well, and is a fun game to play. What I’ve learned during my time with this is that you never give food items the ability to think for themselves, it just ends up with issues. Do I recommend that you play this? I do. Your patience will be tested, as will your eye hand coordination. But what you will love is the storytelling, and the warmth of the narrator. Empower your spaghetti to evolve, after all, what is the worst that could happen?

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