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Foreign Gnomes, Surefire.Games, Jordi Roca, Chris Nordgren
Mar 4, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Everhood

So, that's where I'm at. I enjoyed playing Everhood and the music was extremely enjoyable, but before we could apply for the marriage certificate, I realized how loudly it breathes when it sleeps and now I just want to suffocate it. I'm still giving it a recommendation, because not everyone is going to share my grievances with the narrative and the technical issues can be ironed out. There's some definite high points here, but I don't think it's going to achieve immortality.

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Everhood is a fantastic freshman effort that brings unexpected and refreshing spins to both the RPG and rhythm genre. The creative combat system and repeat-friendly soundtrack are definitely strong points but the thought-provoking story elevates the unusual adventure to excellent heights.

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Everhood is simply incredible. A carnival populated by masks that have lost their humanity, a deep, rich tale, enhanced by a gameplay that mixes rhythm game, adventure and RPG. A gem that deserves to be played by as many people as possible.

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Everhood is an enchanting rhythm-based adventure that falls short of greatness due to a few technical issues. Its combat system is an absolute joy and the music is brilliant, however, frame-rate drops and lengthy load times hinder what could have been a great experience.

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Everhood is one of the most memorable games we've played in recent years. Its utterly bonkers plot and weird cast of characters is reason enough to check it out, but the instantly accessible rhythmic combat will keep you hooked from the very first battle to the epic final boss encounter. Some may be put off by the minimal visual design and deliberately vague sequence of events, but for those after something a bit different, Everhood delivers originality and unique gameplay in spades and absolutely deserves a place in your Switch library.

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There's no doubting the similarities and equally-familiar ground Everhood is treading here and of its intentions to pull the rug from out the player's feet.

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Fair warning, some of the lighting effects can put a strain on the eyes, especially during a longer play session. Another proofreading of the script would have helped, too, but the ways in which Everhood builds on and calls back to past titles like Undertale and Earthbound help it rise above its niggling flaws. It's a game of few answers and many questions, chief among them being "What did I just play?" and "What is even happening right now?" Of course, I mean these as compliments, not strictly statements of bafflement but more of wonder and amazement. The meaning of its title didn't strike me until some time after reaching the end of the story; what struck with regularity, however, is the relentless delight of Everhood.

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Overall, if I had to describe Everhood in a single word, it’d be “experiment.” It’s a game that tests interesting concepts to become its own thing. Combining adventure with RPG-Esque mechanics and an enjoyable take on rhythm combat that offers a unique experience for any looking for something new.

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