Top Hat Studios Inc, Radi Art, eastasiasoft
Jul 27, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4
PlayStation Universe
7.5 / 10
7.5 / 10
PSX Brasil
75 / 100
Hey Poor Player
3.5 / 5
7 / 10
The Game Crater
6 / 10
7 / 10
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Synergia - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Synergia

Synergia is the product of a small team wanting to create something important. The story between Cila and Mara is heartfelt and worthwhile, leaving you wanting more in the best way. Despite the few HUD issues and occasional glanced-over narrative point, Synergia has the heart and soul worthy of a great visual novel.

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An impressive visual novel with stellar audiovisual design.

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A diamond in the rough, Synergia tells an engaging thriller story with a nicely developed romance. I hope that with more experience and a bigger budget, Radi Art will impress the market with even more interesting titles in the future.

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Synergia has a slow start, a scintillating middle, and some odd ends, but as an entire package it’s a solid yuri cyberpunk visual novel that has some forgivable offenses. With incredible aesthetics and real, raw characters, Synergia paints a dark and moody picture and, for the most part, delivers on its promises. If you’re interested in a cyberpunk love story that pulls heavily from classics like Blade Runner, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell that is perhaps too interesting for its own good, give Synergia a download.

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What Synergia lacks in play, confining its players to a single advance-dialogue action, it makes up for in engrossing characters and story. Its cyberpunk world, lore, mysteries and soundtrack will draw you in, even if the central android/human love story is problematic and its ending very abrupt.

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I love Synergia. It is a wonderful addition to my personal collection of noir and Yuri tales. If either of these are your style, then I suggest you check it out as well. You just may need some reading glasses to make it work.

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Synergia is a superficially beautiful title. While its heart-warming romance is handled excellently, its mind-numbingly confusing narrative asphyxiates it.

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7 / 10.0

Unarguably, there is a substantial amount of content found in this short cyberpunk story, from its world to its characters and themes. There is also nice suspense, steady relationship building, and a beautiful yuri romance. Topped with wonderful art and an entrancing soundtrack, Synergia makes for quite an enjoyable and gripping game. Nevertheless, it should be noted that while this title is a visual novel, it does not feature many choice points and endings. The full game can be easily completed within two playthroughs, so those who are expecting to make more decisive choices or see more branchings may be disappointed by this largely linear setup. But if one does not actually mind that, then I say: It's recommended.

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