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Poison Control

NIS America, Nippon Ichi Software
Apr 13, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

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Poison Control - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

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Poison Control - Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Poison Control

Poison Control has some of my favourite art and character designs from any game this year, but that isn't anywhere near enough to carry the entire experience. The dual-character combat system is a fresh and stylish idea, but it isn't executed very well. Clunky movement and repetitive combat end up holding back this otherwise stylish and unique new game from Nippon Ichi Software.

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Poison Control is a very unique game, and if you get past its issues this playfully pink adventure has a lot to offer.

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In the end, it is a slick looking, great sounding little game that is never overly offensive with its issues, but still has a decent amount of them. The gameplay revolves around a simple mechanic that players will see the majority of before getting halfway through it, but it was never something that I didn’t like playing. It is most certainly unconventional, and I think that’s what gave it enough charm to keep me playing. It’s a strange one to recommend, but I still recommend it if this sounds like something up your alley.

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Poison Control has some good ideas, but executed very superficially. An appealing but extremely simple game, its best merits are a good art direction and the hilarious writing. The rest is quite forgettable.

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Poison Control rarely goes beyond the cheap laughs to be had from its story.

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Poison Control's story is cliché-filled but fun, and the tongue-in-cheek dialogue carries the game far further than its gameplay could manage alone. The writing can only make up for shallow game mechanics to a point, though, and ultimately shallow gameplay is what lets this game down. Visual novel fans will likely find more to enjoy here, but there's simply not enough gameplay depth or variety for fans of shooters.

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When it comes down to it, Poison Control fails to do anything interesting in any manner. There's nothing about the game that is outright broken, but there is just no substance to anything at all. A forgettable nothing story, forgettable gameplay, tedious maps, all lead to an experience that is an easy skip.

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There is really nothing wrong with Poison Control, it just doesn't do much to stand out. It has a neat concept with okay execution. Graphics aren't overly impressive, nor are the controls, but neither really stop it from being engaging. For most the interactions and adventure will keep them going, it just depends on if that is worth the investment or not.

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