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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SMay 20, 2021
PlayStation 5May 20, 2021
Nintendo SwitchMay 20, 2021
PCMay 20, 2021
PlayStation 4May 20, 2021
Xbox OneMay 20, 2021

Developer: Bunkovsky Games

Publisher: Playstack

Genres: RPG, Strategy, Roguelike

Rise of the Slime is a roguelite like no other, mixing deep and tactical deckbuilder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure. ⯀ Play it your way: Create an amazingly powerful deck from more than 100 cards! ⯀ A constantly shifting path brings good luck and bad turns: Evade falling rocks and spike pits, visit shops to bolster your deck, and discover secret doors to treasure rooms! ⯀ Battle puzzling and formidable foes, from crafty little devils to gargantuan horrors that will push your deckcraft and tactics to their limits! ⯀ Explore a beautiful, enchanted world of marshy swamplands, bubbling lakes of fire and mystical gardens! ⯀ With numerous gameplay mutators, shifting routes and countless deck variations, no playthrough is ever the same!

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Rise of the Slime ticks all the boxes of a bad game. Not only is it a roguelike that crashes regularly to ruin your run, but the game has little explanation of basic mechanics, too much variety in the deckbuilding for consistency, little meaningful longevity, and a poorly considered port to Switch. If you're desperate to play it, get the PC release, but do yourself a favour and save your cash for your next run at a deckbuilder.

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Rise of the Slime has some accessibility issues, mostly because of its occasionally iffy controls and the ridiculously small text, but if you can look past those, then you'll find a pleasantly bitesized little roguelite deckbuilder. It's no Slay the Spire, but it doesn't need to be; it keeps to its small scope well enough.

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Rise of the Slime isn't a bad game or a great one. It's fine. Ultimately, nothing here feels special. Switching gameplay modes from deck-building combat to the pseudo-platforming sections really feels close to being groundbreaking, and I would love to see that explored more in a future game from Bunkovsky Games. Taken for what it is, Rise of the Slime is just okay.

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GOOD - Rise of the Slime is a very personable deck-building roguelike game. Robust gameplay mechanics with just the right blend of randomization and skill, as well as high replayability that makes it the perfect game on-the-go. The visuals are charming, but a bit lifeless, however the game is accessible through use of both the Touch and Joy-Con controls. With a competitive price point of $14.99, if you’re of a fan of games like Slay the Spire, Rise of the Slime will be good company in your library.

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