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World's End Club

Izanagi Games, Too Kyo Games, NIS America
May 28, 2021 - Nintendo Switch

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Game Informer
6 / 10
IGN Italy
7 / 10
65 / 100
The Games Machine
6.8 / 10
Nintendo Life
5 / 10
7.5 / 10
Checkpoint Gaming
4 / 10
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World's End Club - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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World's End Club - Demo Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Critic Reviews for World's End Club

Thanks to its adorable characters and a story that makes no excuses for how absurd it is, World's End Club is a lot of fun.

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Most Awakened Abilities are fun to use, but puzzles are boring because they're such a breeze to complete

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An interesting visual novel with a bunch of plot twists and forgettable action sequences.

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World's End Club is an excellent story with some abysmal platforming tying it together. While story sections greatly outnumber gameplay sections, these stand out as a sore spot that may put off some players.

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This is not the game that will bring instant glory to Too Kyo Games, as World's End Club is rather mediocre. The narrative is intriguing, but the arcade sequences are visually very basic and offer little to no challenge. A half faux pas, considering the developers behind it.

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World's End Club has some good ideas and a lot of heart, but it ultimately doesn't come together as anything particularly notable. Though World's End Club looks and sounds great, the monotonous platforming sections and hit-and-miss storytelling really drag the overall experience down. We'd give this game a light recommendation to fans of visual novels, but otherwise you're better served playing the various better visual novels and puzzle platformers already on Switch. This is the very definition of 'okay'.

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World's End Club is the carefree in the midst of disaster, the light at the end of the tunnel, a journey in the company of friends to whom it is impossible not to get attached. An intriguing visual novel that plays with parallel dimensions, leading to more endings and curious "what if..." that will slowly reveal the mystery hidden under the skies of Japan.

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World’s End Club wanted to be like Danganronpa or Zero Escape, but it doesn’t measure up to either. This game has a pretty cool story sandwiched between aggressively average platforming segments that wouldn’t stand up to snuff ten years ago. It has a cool art direction and likeable characters, but the writing itself is not masterful enough to make the unconvincing plot twists work, nor to make up for the boring and repetitive gameplay.

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