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In Sound Mind

Modus Games, We Create Stuff
Aug 3, 2021 - PC

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In Sound Mind – Story Teaser Trailer

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In Sound Mind – Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for In Sound Mind

Despite some disappointing and frustrating moments, there’s enough compelling stuff that I can still recommend In Sound Mind to fans of adventure-leaning indie horror games. Overall, I dug this team’s ambition, and I was excited to see where it was headed. I just wish the game ran better and streamlined some of its level and puzzle design.

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Steve C
8 / 10

I enjoyed In Sound Mind far more than I expected to, thanks to the great variety to its puzzles and overall atmosphere. While the final revelations didn't blow me away, they did bring a wry smile to my face. In Sound Mind is one of my favourite indie horror games of the past few years and is highly recommended if you're a fan of the genre.

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Several times, while playing In Sound Mind, I wondered what it would have been if the same game had a higher production caliber. We Create Stuff's work has so much personality and so many beautiful ideas, and offers to the player an intelligent and fun experience. Too bad for the technical shortcomings, which cripple him in terms of fluidity and visual impact, making it a little less pleasant to go through the nightmares that unfold from Dr. Wales's recordings.

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In Sound Mind is a psychological horror game which borders more on tense than scary, and proves to be a unique look into the minds of struggling individuals. Having each tape/patient provide a different world, with the patient's inner torment essentially lashing out as the level's boss, is a unique twist on the genre. The juxtaposition between the monster trying to hurt you, but also expressing its doubt and fears, all while Desmond attempts to calm it and show that he wants to help, felt surprisingly fresh – and gave me much more reason to continue than a simple good versus evil fight would have. A sense of humor, large levels, and a variety of puzzles make In Sound Mind a game worth picking up for those looking for a new twist in an overdone genre.

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In Sound Mind is a surprisingly compelling title, offering an interesting story and strong horror experience. However, some aspects start to outlive their welcome - if only due to annoyance. Tackling a sensitive subject like mental health, In Sound Mind could have really fallen flat if We Create Stuff didn't handle it well, and while it can come across as heavy-handed at times, this is generally well done and worth experiencing.

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All told, In Sound Mind wasn’t the game I was expecting. But I still found myself pushing forward, eager to uncover a little bit more. If you’ve got any appetite for cerebral horror and puzzle solving, In Sound Mind might be just what you’re looking for.

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In Sound Mind attempts dark humor to great effect, but quickly falls back into basic first-person shooter gameplay tropes, leaving its original intentions behind. The game still plays well, and makes for an engaging puzzler and exploration game; it just doesn't maintain its horror vibe for very long.

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