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Fallen Knight

PQube, FairPlay Studios
Jul 20, 2021 - PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Fallen Knight

There's a nice central idea to Fallen Knight, and offering players two vastly different play styles is a good twist. Sadly, the host of problems that suffuse the game from beginning to end will put off all but the most determined or masochistic of players.

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Fallen Knight could have been a lot of fun, but its inability to master the basic necessities means that it's hard to recommend in its current form. A Hollow Knight-style platformer with parries and counters needs to have the tightest controls possible, and Fallen Knight should be avoided until it is brought up to speed.

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It’s clear that love has been put into the making of Fallen Knight, what with its attractive character designs and duo of campaigns, each with their own twist. It’s just a shame that the gameplay doesn’t quite hit the mark. Once you’ve unlocked a decent range of skills you can have more fun with Lancelot and Galahad, but even then the clunky controls and awkward parry system will frustrate.

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A super fun 2D action-platformer with a unique twist on a classic story. Even for someone who plays a lot of games like this I was still challenged and really enjoyed the unique addition of being able to parry and disarm the enemies instead of just killing.

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All in all though, Fallen Knight even if it has a higher entry point due to the learning curve for boss battles is one worth looking into. It’s not very long but it does have separate paths for our two Knights of the Round Table as they fight to protect the city and its people from those currently attacking it.

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Despite the problems presented, the visuals of the protagonists, some interesting skills and the well-designed bosses make Fallen Knight a competent and fun game, at least during the first few hours.

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Unknown Author
9 / 10.0

Even with the initial problems, which are currently mostly Fixed, Fallen Knight can be considered a respected “spiritual successor” to the Mega Man X franchise. The title manages to bring together fast-paced and exciting combat, iconic bosses and a well-crafted story, aspects much appreciated in the adventure and platform genre. The experience was not only satisfying, it also left me wanting more from this universe.

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Fallen Knight is a tough but entertaining action platformer. Difficult like the retro days but also an appealing challenge if you’re willing to take up the sword and give it a go. I would like to mention that if you’re prone to stress by high difficulty or easily enraged you may just want to pass on this. I totally lost my cool with some of the grindy boss fights but I kept coming back for more. Fallen Knight is totally suitable for all ages, so even if this is not for you it may make an appealing present for a youngling or any fan or Knight robots with swords. And who wouldn’t be into that?

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