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Akupara Games, Clover Bite
Aug 2, 2021 - PC, Google Stadia

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Critic Reviews for GRIME

Grime is a highly accomplished Souls-like action-RPG that delivers a hefty challenge without being punitive.

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Steve C
8 / 10

Grime is a superb indie gem that will delight fans of challenging games. While its design is influenced by Metroidvanias, the difficulty and mentality are straight from From Software's book. There's some issues that are being worked on by the developers, but the combat is so good here that backtracking through areas rarely feels like a chore. In short, Grime is an essential purchase for anybody seeking a real challenge.

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Grime does a great deal of things in metroidvania and soulsborne gameplay quite well. It’s got an engaging combat system full of customization and fun weapons. Additionally, the ability to absorb enemies for unique abilities is a really great way to individualize your playstyle. It’s also got some incredible environments to explore chockfull of unique enemies and platforming to overcome. I really wish it had a better handle on fast-travel because of how tough and frustrating it can be. That aside, Grime is an invigorating, fun, and challenging journey with a rather outlandish story and a great handle on action-RPG platforming and combat.

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GRIME is an excellent soulslike metroidvania. Starting from a solid and consistent base layer that takes heavy inspiration from Dark Souls and Hollow Knight, it brings to the table its own ideas and concepts in order to offer an experience with its own rich personality. Inspired bosses, especially in the second half, and an excellent gameplay complete the package. Highly recommended.

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Grime is simply a phenomenal game, and is one of the best hardcore Metroidvanias I've played in a while. I'd advise any fan of the genre to seek it out and give it a try, and I promise it won't disappoint.

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Grime is an expertly crafted 2D action-adventure game that combines satisfying combat, tight platforming, and rewarding progression to earn its place as one of the most enjoyable titles I've played this year. It's also got some brutally tough, memorable bosses that will truly test everything you've got. If you're a fan of a challenge and aren't too fussed about a story, you'll have an incredible time with Grime.

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Grime is a stellar offering that stands ahead of the pack in both the Souls-like and Metroidvania subgenres. Its challenging combat and platforming mechanics add unique quirks that make for a refreshing experience. It does have a few notable flaws, but you'll have a great time in its bizarre world.

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Ultimately, Grime is an overall successful transposition of the 2D Soulslike subgenre into a new and engaging world. Although it lacks the emotional richness of the best Souls games, Grime’s striking environments, solid combat, imaginative enemies and original mechanics all work together in harmony, and it clearly establishes a formula that is open to refinement and possibility.

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