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Maneater: Truth Quest

Tripwire Interactive
Aug 31, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Maneater: Truth Quest

Maneater: Truth Quest is a conspiracy-themed expansion with a few fun ideas and lots of repetitive quests.

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Hardcore Gamer

Chris Shive
3 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

Maneater: Truth Quest is an enjoyable but unessential expansion for Maneater. Westhaven is an entertaining narrator but his over the top conspiracy theories just aren't as entertaining as his documentary narration in the base game.

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I can’t recommend picking up Truth Quest unless you absolutely loved Maneater. It does nothing to advance or even mix up the formula in any way. It’s more of the same, but with increased emphasis on the more frustrating elements of the main game. At least Chris Parnell’s excellent narration remains on point.

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Maneater: Truth Quest is the kind of DLC you have to wait for a good promotion. Even though it contains a new area and improvements that make the combat more fun, it's impossible not to fall into sameness and quickly get tired of pressing R2 until your gauge drops.

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Maneater: Truth Quest might not completely deliver on its irreverence this time around, but being a mega still delights.

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To top it off, there are still some annoying bugs like the odd flying boat, items falling through the world, and rarely, crashes. Players who loved Maneater will surely find more to appreciate in Truth Quest, but it doesn't do enough to truly expand on what made Maneater so memorable in the first place. The DLC is an obvious choice for those who simply want more of the world of the base game, but anyone looking for some major leaps in either the gameplay loop or its iterations will be left a little wanting.

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I’ll continue to say as I did before: Maneater: Truth Quest doesn’t add just a whole lot to the overall experience. It stays true to what it simply is: a lighthearted and somehow over-the-top experience that wants to draw you in for a bit more shark-filled fun. It only adds just enough to be worth the experience, which works out well for the game.

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Truth Quest is aimless, offering little motivation to drive this mystery home. The short runtime makes it easy to chew, however. It does recycle a lot of content from the base game alongside the new activities, though it isn’t quite enough to keep things exciting. But if more Maneater is what you’re after, then Truth Quest has that in spades. This DLC just lacks the charm of what made Maneater so special, yet it remains fitting for the tone of the game. Maneater: Truth Quest is an inessential add-on, but there’s enough interesting things to satiate most.

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