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Maneater: Truth Quest

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SAug 31, 2021
PlayStation 5Aug 31, 2021
Nintendo SwitchAug 31, 2021
PCAug 31, 2021
Xbox OneAug 31, 2021
PlayStation 4Aug 31, 2021

Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

Genres: RPG, Action

DISCOVER THE TRUTH! Escape the net and explore Plover Island to unlock its mysteries! Maneater: Truth Quest is a DLC expansion to the smash hit single-player, open-world “ShaRkPG,” Maneater. The shark has survived a PT boat explosion only to discover that a new, extremely powerful predator has moved in to threaten her apex status. You must venture out to new waters to discover the mystery of Plover Island as you grow bigger and evolve further to take back the title of apex predator. Experience a new story - Play through a new full narrative, story-based expansion as Trip Westhaven (Chris Parnell; SNL, 30 Rock, Rick and Morty) is back to narrate, having now been relegated to the online video streaming platform “ViewTube.” Explore the Plover Island Military Complex - The mysterious naval base nicknamed “Site P” has long been the subject of wild speculation. Now, you’ll infiltrate the facility to find out the real story. Fight new evolved creatures – Battle fierce wildlife including new evolved apex predators as you battle your way up the food chain to regain your regional dominance. Add new evolutions to your arsenal – Feed on military personnel and evolved wildlife to grow your shark further, and find new evolutions to gain more powerful abilities.

Maneater: Truth Quest Critic Reviews

Truth Quest is aimless, offering little motivation to drive this mystery home. The short runtime makes it easy to chew, however. It does recycle a lot of content from the base game alongside the new activities, though it isn’t quite enough to keep things exciting. But if more Maneater is what you’re after, then Truth Quest has that in spades. This DLC just lacks the charm of what made Maneater so special, yet it remains fitting for the tone of the game. Maneater: Truth Quest is an inessential add-on, but there’s enough interesting things to satiate most.

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Overall, Maneater: Truth Quest is still a fun little addition to the game. It would’ve been nice for the game to offer a bigger shark, but when you add mouth lasers, you’re already pretty powerful. While the story lacks depth and fun references, it still maintains the simple charm thanks to Chris Parnell’s delivery. Just try to play it on higher end hardware for the best results. If you were a fan of Maneater and wanted a bit more on your platter, Truth Quest will likely appease your appetite.

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I’ll continue to say as I did before: Maneater: Truth Quest doesn’t add just a whole lot to the overall experience. It stays true to what it simply is: a lighthearted and somehow over-the-top experience that wants to draw you in for a bit more shark-filled fun. It only adds just enough to be worth the experience, which works out well for the game.

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