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Dice Legacy

DESTINYbit, Ravenscourt, Maple Whispering Limited, Koch Media
Sep 9, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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PC Gamer
70 / 100
IGN Italy
7.2 / 10
82 / 100
The Games Machine
8 / 10
16 / 20
Checkpoint Gaming
8 / 10
6.7 / 10
Digitally Downloaded
3 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Dice Legacy

A smart, peculiar city builder that ends in a gruelling uphill battle against a rival city.

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Dice Legacy is a cute quirky game. The basic mechanics, founded on randomness and dices, are just that, a quirk: the gameplay is, in the end, not that innovative, but the strategical experience is solid and makes for a good, if light on content, city builder-roguelike game.

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Overall, Dice Legacy is a fun stress machine that borrows the better parts of other genres. While it doesn’t always do everything well or necessarily telegraph its harder ideas ahead of time, it can be a tense thrill when you get further than you have before. Never before have dice been featured in a game where they’re the biggest thing that matters. If you like rolling dice then I compel you to check out this mash up. Just be ready for the challenge ahead of you.

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Dice Legacy is a competent strategy/survival game with some neat and well-implemented ideas; the random element is there, but generally easy to handle, and good planning trumps sheer luck. However, it isn't particularly rich in content, and it might get grindy if you're aiming for the hardest difficulties.

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16 / 20

Under its air of small indie game, Dice Legacy offers us a fichtrement addictive home gameplay. Mechanics entirely focused on dice roll, and therefore, randomness, forcing us to think about each of our actions. With its challenge and atypical gameplay, there is no doubt that the app will delight players looking for experience off the beaten track.

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Dice Legacy brings a refreshing and challenging strategy format to the table. The dice mechanics will force you to think on your feet and adapt your strategy along the way, making Dice Legacy’s core gameplay more energetic and dynamic compared to other titles in the genre. While this gameplay format comes with a level of unpredictability which may not be for everyone, it dishes up classic strategy format with a unique twist. For newcomers, Dice Legacy may take a little while to crack, but for gamers with a soft spot for strategy, it’s worth every minute of your time.

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Unknown Author
6.7 / 10.0

Dice Legacy is an interesting take on city builders, but not every aspect of the game falls into place.

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Dice Legacy does have some interesting ideas under its belt, and I’m excited to keep exploring the various strategies and play styles that its robust tech tree has in store. I find the experience quite taxing with how much improvisation and compromise it demands, so I’m saving it for a time where I’m in the mood for careful, organised play. If the idea of a strategy game with an unusual twist piques your interest, Dice Legacy is a great game to pick up – on PC. As enjoyable as the game is, the poor optimisation means Switch owners would do well to look elsewhere.

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