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Severed Steel

Greylock Studio, Digerati
Sep 17, 2021 - PC

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IGN Italy
7.8 / 10
God is a Geek
8 / 10
4 / 5
PlayStation Universe
8.5 / 10
8 / 10
Nintendo Life
8 / 10
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Severed Steel | Launch Trailer | Steam, Epic & GOG thumbnail

Severed Steel | Launch Trailer | Steam, Epic & GOG

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Severed Steel | Launch Date Trailer | PC

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Critic Reviews for Severed Steel

The longevity is not the cup of tea of this game, but for at least a couple of hours Severed Steel manages to offer something new and exciting in today's FPS landscape.

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With destructible environments (you can blow holes in almost everything), frenetic action, over-the-top physics and a soundtrack that rarely takes a breather, Severed Steel is an enjoyable, cathartic experience.

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Severed Steel feels like playing the Deathloop trailer. Not the actual game, specifically the trailer. Specifically the run shoot kick montage that comes in right at the end. Slick, stylised, and never slowing down for a second, Severed Steel looks set to launch without much fanfare, but if you want a game that gives you a great time and then leaves you alone, give it a try. KILL. THEM. ALL.

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Quite simply Severed Steel is one of the most downright entertaining shooters to come out this year. Sure it doesn't boast the most comprehensive offering from a content perspective and genre fiends looking for a token narrative to go with their serving of face-gunning may well be disappointed, but Severed Steel bends and in some cases breaks the traditionally rigid rules of the FPS genre to often giddy effect. The end result is the sort of gloriously freewheeling, acrobatic first-person shooting extravaganza which aims to demonstrate that innovation in the genre doesn't have to just begin and end at the the gun clasped tightly in your hands.

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Severed Steel is a fantastic ride while it last, there is a map editor for the brave but replay value is only going to be found for those that have the need to top a leaderboard or want to record some dope slo-mo montages. Anyone looking for a supremely easy to get into action game that blends the bullet-time from Max Payne with a bombastic soundtrack pumping techno music and all the slides and dives from 80-90’s action movies…look absolutely no further than Severed Steel. For a first game Greylock has nailed it and I can’t wait to see this gem on consoles.

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The game runs near-flawlessly on Switch aside from a few levels near the end (that being said, you’ll be in slo-mo for the majority of the game anyway). However, the two biggest issues with the game rear their heads here. Games like this typically have near instantaneous restarts to ensure the action is always moving. Severed Steel’s load times aren't obnoxiously long by any means, but just long enough to add to the frustration of losses. The other (and biggest) issue is the complete lack of gyro-aiming, which — especially for a game this fast-paced — feels like a large oversight. But still, we’re talking about a game where you can throw your gun at someone, slo-mo, dive over their head, steal another from their back pocket, then blast them with it. Which is pretty rad.

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Severed Steel was fun to play, but I couldn't recommend it at its current price in its present state.

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Although it's a very brief experience, every single level sent adrenaline into my veins. If you can find a game that makes me feel as jazzed as Severed Steel, savor every moment.

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