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General Information

Available on:PCSep 21, 2021

Developer: Unicube

Publisher: Team 17

Genres: Strategy, Simulation, RPG

Building upon the original 2015 fan-favourite, Sheltered 2 brings new challenges and deeper strategic gameplay. You are tasked with creating a leader and building up your faction whilst managing resources and tackling threats both natural and human. Everything from starvation and dehydration to radiation poisoning and enemy raids can prove fatal. Sheltered 2’s new Factions system is pivotal to a base’s success. Send out expeditions to explore the vast wasteland and forge relationships, or bitter rivalries with other camps. Trade resources to grow and thrive together; or go head-to-head with rivals in an expanded combat system and grow your foothold in the wasteland. Will you ally with or dominate the other factions? Features: Factions: New to Sheltered 2, the Factions system allows you to create relationships with other groups that will provide your base with resources and support. Or grab your weapons and take things the old-fashioned way. Resource Management: Balance the needs and wants of your survivors, manage scarce resources, craft what you need and maintain the shelter’s equipment to keep the group alive. Faction Leaders: New in Sheltered 2, the faction leader is the most important member of a shelter, boasting their own unique and powerful traits, the faction leader will be pivotal to success, with their death meaning game over. An Unforgiving Wasteland: Starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures and combat are just some of the challenges you’ll face in the harsh wasteland of Sheltered 2, and without the ability to respawn, every decision could be fatal. Combat & Weapons: When negotiations fail, wield a huge variety of makeshift weaponry against hostile outsiders. Fight to the death in turn-based combat to win the critical resources you need to survive. Characters: Your survivors have their own personalities, traits, desires and a huge list of skills to acquire. Customise them to your liking and make your faction members unique and individual. Vehicles: Find and fix more vehicles to explore the wasteland with, from Bicycles to Pick-up trucks.

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The bright side is, the strategy layer of Sheltered 2 is better than ever. If this kind of game is your jam and the original flew under your radar, it’s worth checking out. And if you played the original to death (as I did) and you’re looking for a reason to fall back into it, think of this as a sort of pricey update. If that doesn’t repel you, Sheltered 2 is just fine. Or maybe that sounds really appealing to you. Despite some of the underwhelming changes, I anticipate putting a lot more time into Sheltered 2. The core gameplay is just that appealing. That makes Sheltered 2 a game where the core mechanic is strong, but none of the set dressing is all that exciting.

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Sheltered 2 follows the dynamics of video games on the managerial survival genre, improving on its predessor but still not being without flaws. The new look is maybe a little rough, but not without its charms.

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On the surface, Sheltered 2 looks great. The formula: take the original title and add factions. Easy, right? It seems easy enough until the pages and pages of information pop-ups appear, expecting players to remember everything immediately or else get stuck. I'd describe it as a cognitive nightmare. Back at the beginning of this review, I wondered if adding factions is enough to change the middle reviews that Sheltered received. In my case, it does not. It's fun enough in a sim/management way, but the post-apocalyptic thing has been repeated what feels like infinitely and lacks originality, and factions just complicate the game to the point there's no more room in my brain for information to remain there. There is very little to become emotionally attached to. The result? A middling review.

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Sheltered 2 is easily one of the most complicated games I’ve ever played. It’s fun if you liked the original Sheltered, or Fallout Shelter, and in many ways, it’s an upgrade of those apocalypse bunker sims. The issue, however, is that despite all of the game’s improvements and complexities, its overambition is also its biggest downfall. The core mechanics of its basic survival necessities of maintaining food and water are at the moment glitched, and any progress is meaningless because it will inevitably lead to a time-wasted end where resources inevitably run out two weeks in. As of right now, there are no ways of replenishing water save for bartering (if you’re lucky enough to find a faction with spare water), and so because of this, I can’t give this broken game a good review. With some updates to fix the bugs and polish off the post-apocalyptic dirt from this potential jewel, Sheltered 2 might be able to fulfil its lofty ambitions.

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