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Into the Pit

Nullpointer Games, Humble Games
Oct 19, 2021 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Into the Pit - Official Launch Trailer | Out Now!

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Critic Reviews for Into the Pit

Although it shows promise early on, Into the Pit runs out of new tricks astoundingly quickly, leading to endless repetition and a total lack of challenge.

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All that said… Into the Pit is still relentless. It’s a fast paced shooter, that feels really tight as a first person shooter. It’s meant to be played in fast bursts, so maybe it’s the perfect exciting thing to get you pumped while commuting on the bus. Or the kind of game where you breeze through the dialogue, turn off the sound and play while listening to a 25 hour audiobook. Into the Pit is a well-constructed roguelike shooting game and if you’re the kind of person who hears those words and yells, “I’m sold!” then you will probably have a lot of fun. But it’s not going to make believers out of genre-skeptics.

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‎There is no denying that Into the Pit is easily classifiable as "another indie more pixelated retro fps roguelike to forget", and for my part I do not plan to make an exception, because exactly that is it. But now I ask you not to forget it, and if you can, take a look at it. And maybe hopefully, you will be amazed and think about how wonderful the Game Pass is for offering us magical moments of vice like the one I have had with the title of Humble Games and Nullpointer. Because the game, it's really good.‎

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A greater difficulty in the clashes was desirable: overall, Into the Pit remains a title to try for lovers of the genre, especially if you are a subscriber to the Game Pass.

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This all isn't to say that the entire game is a slog, but Into The Pit rolls out new content far too slowly. With player upgrades that are mostly changing numbers around and rooms that aren't hard to puzzle out, playing becomes an exercise in enduring repeated content before finally stumbling onto something that makes things feel fresh. Even then, what does unlock often isn't enough to truly fuel more runs. At the end of the day, Into The Pit is too repetitive to truly succeed as a roguelike and too skim on content to survive as an FPS without those trappings.

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While the start of Into the Pit is unquestionably rocky, the follow-through is a blast, with fast action and serious pyrokinetics as monsters turn into blood splats decorating the walls.

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Into the Pit is a retro FPS/roguelike that's far less than the sum of its parts. It's got great action, but everything that surrounds it is questionable.

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While I personally would have liked more difficulty in the portals and bosses, I also think this is a solid game to offer someone being introduced to roguelites that aren’t amazing on FPS games. Plus, it has its own unique ideas here that will make you feel like a bad ass powerful mage, and that always makes me feel happy.

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