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Saint Kotar

Red Martyr Entertainment, SOEDESCO
Oct 28, 2021 - PC
4 / 10
Hey Poor Player
2.5 / 5
6 / 10
Movies Games and Tech
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Saint Kotar

It’s clear that Saint Kotar has tried to draw inspiration from the likes of Broken Sword. From the way its exploration works to its dark themes and eerie environments, it really wants to be a point and click game worthy of cult status. That’s highly unlikely to ever happen, though. While interesting at times, its story is too poorly told to ever be truly enjoyable. And the ugly visuals, awful voice acting and budget interface mean most players are not likely to stick around.

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Hey Poor Player

Bobby Houston
2.5 / 5.0
Hey Poor Player

Saint Kotar tells a compelling story that should satisfy horror fans, and there are moments that are genuinely unsettling. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to save Saint Kotar from its shortcomings. The makings of a really great game are present, but it gets in its own way too much. Frustratingly, Saint Kotar’s biggest offender and what holds it back is its own clumsiness, in its execution, characters, performances, and telegraphed final twist.

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Saint Kotar is an adventure title that had the potential to be very interesting. Unfortunately, its story is poorly executed, not knowing how to use the horror elements in a convincing way. In addition, the title ends up not being clear at various times in indicating the player's goals. In general, fans of the point-and-click genre may like the game, but it is not a good representative of what this style of play has to offer.

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Saint Kotar is a grim, sinisiter, and dank point-and-click title. With a strange and slow plot, and many twists and turns, it can be tough to swallow. However, with time and patience, you'll enjoy a horror game that is eerie and story-rich.

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