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Grapple Dog

Medallion Games, Super Rare Originals
Feb 10, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Grapple Dog Trailer 🐶 Release Date Announcement trailer ✨

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Critic Reviews for Grapple Dog

Grapple Dog is a light, breezy mascot platformer that hooks you with precise, simple controls.

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Ultimately, while I did enjoy my time with Grapple Dog, it doesn't feel like it reached its full potential. There's a lot of room for replayability and improving your skill in traversing the levels, but the game feels quite slow a lot of the time due to long levels and the also long waits that come with trying again. I do think I'll come back to it at some point in short bursts to try to clean up the missing collectables, but it's not something that begs to be finished in any hurry.

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Grapple Dog isn't quite perfect. We feel that more could have been done with the grapple itself, as it's a little restrictive in its application. A less friendly, more freeform approach would interfere to an extent with the tight level design, but it would still be cool for speedrunners if the grapple really let them cut loose. That's pretty nitpicky, though, because developer Medallion does precisely what it sets out to do — deliver an unpretentious platformer that's a hell of a lot of fun to play.

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Grapple Dog is an excellent proof of concept for a 2D action platformer that requires you to swing through levels and traverse through the air as an adorable pup. While I did enjoy the gameplay despite the quirky movement, I couldn't help but wish there was more, as Medallion Games are onto something fun, charming, groovy, and unique with Pablo. I hope to see this game optimized and updated for the Switch, as the gameplay issues I encountered slightly detracted from this short but sweet indie platforming gem. Need I remind you to pet Pablo every time you complete a level? Please give him all the pets; he deserves it.

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Grapple Dog is a lot of fun, and for platform fans new or old it should provide plenty of entertainment. But the concept doesn’t push the ingenuity slider high enough, and many of its other tricks have been used aplenty elsewhere.

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Grapple Dog is a fantastic platformer that nails just about everything it tries to do.

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A fun platformer that offers quite the challenge, Grapple Dog scratches that nostalgia itch but is still pretty ruff around the edges.

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Grapple Dog is an adorable, challenging platformer with a lot of content for the price. It's a great filler if you're waiting on some of the bigger 2022 titles to be released, or if you're wanting a game to play with the kids. I highly recommend checking it out!

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