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Kadokawa, Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Mar 24, 2022 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

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4 / 5
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7 / 10
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80 / 100
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PS5/PS4 Relayer 2nd Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Relayer

If, however, you enjoy your anime, mecha, turn-based tactics, and a deep and interesting story with a rich cast of attractive characters, it’s easy to recommend Relayer. It’s really as close to a playable sci-fi anime as it gets, and I’m all for it.

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A great cast and a deep job system make Relayer an endearing strategy RPG that is sure to delight mecha fans.

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With a compelling ensemble and intriguing world to build off of, Relayer has the building blocks of a promising new IP, but too many key flaws hold it back from being truly great.

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Relayer gets so much right. It’s gorgeous on the eyes, the narrative is twisty and fun in the way that the very best pulp sci-fi can be, and the traditional tactics JRPG action is well-executed and clean. It takes such joy in what it is doing that I can’t imagine there will be many people that walk away from it without a smile on their faces. While it might not do enough to stand out as one of the greats of the genre, it is more than worth your time, especially if you’ve ever looked to space and wondered just what tactical warfare up there might look like.

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Do you want a completely average, by-the-numbers strategy RPG that revolves around giant robots? Relayer will probably scratch that itch. If you're looking for anything more than that, it falls flat. Nothing the game offers excels beyond "average," and there are enough nagging flaws and problems that you have to put some effort into getting to the good bits. There's the makings of a better sequel here, but for now, Relayer barely makes the grade.

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Relayer is a very solid and fun SRPG, with an interesting story, a rich and captivating cast of characters and great systems, which only suffers from its localization problems and the technical issues seen in the PS5 version. If you are a fan of the genre, this is yet another gem that should be on your radar.

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If you're looking for a hardcore SRPG then you'll likely be disappointed by Relayer but it's still a satisfying spacefaring adventure that features enjoyable cinematic combat, incredible audio, and a memorable cast of characters.

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Relayer is not only a SF game but also an ensemble cast weaving comic stories and nexus between girl pilots. It feels like interesting Japanese robot animations but some similar mechanic design to specific series and featureless simulation systems are disappointing.

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