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Trolley Problem, Inc.

Yogscast, Read Graves
Apr 21, 2022 - PC

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Trolley Problem, Inc. trailer - releasing April 21st 2022. Wishlist now. thumbnail

Trolley Problem, Inc. trailer - releasing April 21st 2022. Wishlist now.

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Critic Reviews for Trolley Problem, Inc.

Presenting a series of impossible choices, this darkly comedic game stretches the player's moral scaffolding to its limits

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Trolley Problem, Inc is a decent exploration of morality and philosophy, culminating in a provocative experience that will likely linger beyond its rather short playtime. It’s cleverly presented, even if it can verge on the side of overly simple. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t maintain the same level of intrigue generated by its opening questions, failing to include real-world politics in a satisfying way. It stumbles one too many times, with moments of brilliance being met in equal measure by disappointing shortcomings.

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Should you buy it? Well if you like the idea of challenging your ethics with hypothetical scenarios then absolutely. If you are or were a philosophy student you may well get a sense of nostalgia and for me that is arguably enough of a reason to grab it. It's a decent price for what it is, if you aren't sure, maybe wait for a sale… but really for a chance to play something a bit more intellectual for a change I think it's a great buy!

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Trolley Problem, Inc. presents ethical questions in a direct, accessible manner, covering multiple fields of discussion. At times, that depth can make it feel more of a teaching tool than a game.

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The premise of Trolley Problem, Inc. might sound problematic to some but if you indulge in its dark humour as much as the game does, you’ll find in it an original little indie game apt for a party night to judge you and your friends' moral standards.

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Trolley Problem, Inc. is not a game in the usual meaning of that word. It is more of an interactive philosophical essay, but an interesting one.

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It may be short, but Trolley Problem, Inc is something you’re going to keep thinking about for days after you’ve played. Yes, you’ll feel horrible about some of the choices you’ve made – but being able to see what percentage of other players agreed with you might help you feel better. Or worse, depending which way it goes. Ultimately, this is a very clever little game – if we can even call it a ‘game’ – unlike anything else you’ve played so far. If you’re up for some mental stimulation and a challenge for your morals, don’t sleep on it.

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Trolley Problem, Inc. could be the first entry in a series of philosophy-focused gaming experiences. It does a good job of adding a layer of solid presentation to thought experiments, some centered on classic ethics, and some linked to modern life issues. The idea of comparing choices with the developer and other players is also a solid one. I also appreciate the in-depth reading list provided and how references are offered for each dilemma.

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