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Drastic Games, Noodlecake Studios ,
May 11, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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No Recommendation / Blank

Soundfall plays like an extended pop album, each level a three minute burst of music that initially fizzes and delights. Yet playing on repeat proves shallow. The music is killer, but the gameplay is filler.

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Soundfall is a whole heap of rhythm-action, loot-driven, Discord-smashing fun. It's also one of the indie highlights of 2022.

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Landing itself somewhere between a twin-stick shooter and a rhythm game, Soundfall feels like it's not really doing one or other of these particularly successfully. Saved by an incredible soundtrack, Soundfall has the potential to be a really incredible game with an exciting concept, but is let down by repetitive gameplay and a weak story.

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I cannot overstate how much fun I had with Soundfall. It has a few shortcomings along the way, but absolutely nothing stopped me from jamming out while I shot up baddies. Drastic Games combined two different genres into one engaging and entertaining package. Soundfall is a 2022 sleeper hit!

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Soundfall is interesting and original, but stumbles in its execution. The marriage of rhythm gameplay with a twin-stick shooter is a rocky one, and it's hard not to think this would be a stronger game overall if it were focused solely on either the shooting or the rhythm elements. It can work harmoniously, but also causes frustration when its two halves pull you in different directions. Yet despite its clumsy moments, we'd still give Soundfall a solid recommendation, as its diverse and catchy soundtrack, RPG-esque character progression, and high replayability make this one easy to love. It maybe could've used more practice, but Soundfall overall delivers a strong performance.

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Soundfall is a superb game that manages to marry several different genres together.

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Soundfall is a game that makes an excellent first impression, but it ends up becoming boring throughout its numerous stages. Despite being extremely challenging, its RPG side requires unnecessary grinding. Co-op, while being nice, can be frustrating for those who want to achieve the perfect scores.

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