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Critic Reviews for fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE

Fault StP Lightkravte is a visually impressive visual novel with some nice, well-written story elements. Your enjoyment is going to completely depend on your familiarity with the Fault series. While it tries to be welcoming to newcomers, it's obvious that various story and character elements are calling back to a previous entry in the series, which goes over the head of newcomers. Fault StP Lightkravte isn't a bad game by any means, but it definitely isn't going to be the visual novel that gets you into the genre.

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fault – StP – Lightkravte feels more like a side story that happens before the first two fault games rather than a full-fledged prequel. Revisiting the fault universe just to tell the story of an unremarkable boy who desperately wants to be a painted feels a bit forced, but it’s probably a decent waiting room for those who can’t wait to play the sequel to fault – milestone games coming later this year (or when it's ready).

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The world of fault seems to be interesting, and I'd be lying if I wasn't interested in seeing more of it, but the focus on world building hurts narrative progression. I'm confident existing fans of the fault series will enjoy LIGHTKRAVTE, and people who enjoy reading stories about fantasy worlds may find the fault world to be interesting. However, I think the lack of a compelling protagonist really brings it down.

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fault – StP – LIGHTKRAVTE is one of the most visually impressive titles I have read in a good while, to a staggering degree. With a technically impressive background score and a solid story, I have been entirely sold on this series and want to read the rest of it very soon. I just need to find the time.

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fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE is a beautiful visual novel about a young boy discovering his place in the world. The game is satisfying on its own while managing to be a thought-provoking gateway to the franchise's universe. With high graphic quality and a sensitive approach, it is an exemplary title of the genre.

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Oddly enough, despite my extreme dislike for the main character, I kept coming back for more, which is a great point towards ALICE IN DISSONANCE for their wonderful storytelling. The visuals are really impressive, character personalities are unique and actually realistic, and despite being a surprisingly fantasy reflection of real world issues, still manages to draw you in, despite how close to home some of the concepts may hit. fault-StP-Lightkravte has done a really good job of making me want to pick up the entire rest of the series, and maybe you should too.

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All in all, Lightkravte is a good start to the prequel arc in the fault series, and is a decent introductory game for newcomers. You can expect a decent 7-9 hours from the game, but replay value isn’t something you can expect from this sort of straightforward story. Although it lacks quite a few quality-of-life features you’d expect from a visual novel, its art and story makes it worth the playthrough. Lightkravte is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop as well as Steam.

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