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Serial Cleaners

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Sep 22, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Serial Cleaners

Serial Cleaners' main problem is that it's kind of a wasted opportunity. There's room for a game like this on the market, and it's stylishly presented enough that it could easily garner an audience of obsessive stealth-loving cleaners. It just doesn't achieve the necessary tension to make it a compelling stealth game and its mechanics are too open to abuse to reward careful play and smart decisions. As a result, the potential thrill that it could have been is lost.

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Serial Cleaners comes with a new style and attitude, taking inspiration from some of the great crime films of the 80s and 90s to tell a four-sided tale. It's an enjoyable return for the original game's quirky take on crime scene cleaning, but only takes a few small steps forward, leaving the limits of its stealth-action gameplay evident to see.

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Serial Cleners is a decent sequel that inherits the strengths and weaknesses of the first chapter of the series, which does not innovate the stealth game genre even if it offers some interesting gameplay ideas and a rather convincing artistic style. However, its biggest flaw is an artificial intelligence that does not propose a sufficiently valid challenge.

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As a straight, old-school stealth experience Serial Cleaners certainly delivers. There's very little fluff or filler, with compact mission areas, clear objectives and little reason to deviate from the plan.

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Serial Cleaners is a unique entry into the stealth genre, featuring fun gameplay mechanics, a quirky cast of characters, and increasingly complex missions. Sneaking past guards, disposing of evidence, tackling innocent bystanders, and coming up with increasingly chaotic ways of dealing with tough situations never became dull, rather I was constantly excited for what came next. While there were a few sound issues and the on-screen text can be a bit small, I still found myself greatly enjoying my time as a cleaner for a mob boss.

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Although its stealth systems can feel a little too forgiving and easy to work around, Serial Cleaners’ grungey story is still one well-worth going through thanks to its likeable cast, sense of style, varied levels, and satisfying core mechanics that manage to stay fresh throughout the adventure.

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Serial Cleaners is a stealth action game in isometric view with an incomparable mix of blood, irony and great dialogues

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Serial Cleaners unfortunately does not strike like its predecessor: the adventures of Mr. Bob and his company of Cleaners attract the player more with a deep story and narrative branches to be discovered, all with a pleasant jazz accompaniment and a peculiar aesthetic rendering but with fluctuating effectiveness.

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