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Legends of Kingdom Rush

Ironhide Game Studio
Jul 14, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Legends of Kingdom Rush

Saying that Legends of Kingdom Rush on PC doesn't feel legendary is not to say I didn't enjoy my time with the game. There is plenty of content to see, even through multiple playthroughs. Combat is a highlight, the AI does not let up on the harder difficulty. The leveling system, items, and dice rolls just don't do it for me here. This is for people who want small gameplay experiences, with a lot of replayability. That being said, Legends of Kingdom Rush has a pickup and play vibe that I can dig while binge-watching tv.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush is a lot of fun, but its port to PC is a bit underwhelming. Lack of controller support for such a mechanically simple game is pretty lazy. There’s no new content, either, so players coming from the mobile version will have seen everything already. With such enjoyable gameplay and sense of style, Legends of Kingdom Rush deserves a more thorough makeover for PC and consoles, not just a basic port.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush is a competent if unimaginative experience. The universe has some quirks, but most players will be able to instantly tell the inspiration for each character or enemy. The mechanics are decent and deliver some tense battle moments, but there’s nothing inherently new to engage with.

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An unbalanced disappointment best left to die hard fans of the Kingdom Rush franchise.

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Aim Nario
8 / 10.0

Legends of Kingdom Rush is a nice break from the usual turn-based games. The RNG narrative and fun dialogue make it more engaging compared to other games. The combat and action feel repetitive at times but that is expected since there is only much you can do in a turn-based title. What’s great though is the strategy and tactics aspect of it. It adds flair to the game instead of the usual “my turn-I’ll attack, your turn-you attack” approach.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush is a pretty great pick up and play turn-based RPG. It certainly suits the phrase of easy to pick up but tricky to master. Even though failure came frequently, I had a lot of fun replaying missions and altering my tactics and making different decisions on the next attempt. I didn’t feel there was anything groundbreaking about the formula here but all the cogs and gears to the mechanics just worked well. If you’re not the biggest fan of tower defense games then this might be the title that gets you into the series. Or if you’re new to the series this is not a bad place to start. Legends of Kingdom Rush is possibly the most legendary entry in the series. If you want to try the game for yourself be sure to check out the free demo on Steam.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush is a sensational turn-based Rogue-lite/ Rpg, completing it will be easy but mastering it will take a little more. Due to its variety of characters, artistic section and its great accessibility, it is an exceptional title to start in the genre.

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There are so many great tactics games out there, that any new one that enters the fold has to give me a good reason to spend my time with it over the others. While Legends of Kingdom Rush isn’t truly a bad game, it really doesn’t bring anything notable to the table. It simply exists.

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