Fashion Police Squad

Mopeful Games, No More Robots
Aug 15, 2022 - PC

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Fashion Police Squad Trailers

Fashion Police Squad: 10 Minutes of Gameplay! thumbnail

Fashion Police Squad: 10 Minutes of Gameplay!

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Fashion Police Squad Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Fashion Police Squad

Fashion Police Squad is an incredibly silly shooter hearkening back to the original DOOM in its design, while also taking into account some more modern sensibilities. While the combat does suffer from a lack of choice, the tight platforming and hilarious premise does make up for it somewhat.

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With excellent visuals and lots of creative, unique ideas, Fashion Police Squad could have easily been something special. If only it wasn't so needlessly aggravating, cramped, and tedious.

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You haven't seen an FPS quite like this. Taking down fashion criminals with a creative range of weapons makes for some stylish fun.

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I can’t think of a game in the genre I’d recommend more right now than Fashion Police Squad.

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A tremendously fun FPS with a quirky and creative presentation, Fashion Squad Police is packed with fast-paced and surprisingly deep non-violent action. A couple of difficulty spikes and occasionally frustrating encounters smudge a slight stain on its beaming overalls, but they’re more a water mark than a red wine stain. Grab your dapper sneakers, suit up your most glamourous get-up and start slapping the dull outta the unfashionable lot.

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Fashion Police Squad is a traditional first-person shooter with one major twist. Instead of slaughtering enemies, I bless them with my superior fashion sense. Throughout this game, I would need to tie pins in oversized shirts, dampen bright colours, and even ensure nobody was wearing socks and sandals. It is a cute premise, and I was excited to see how this concept enhanced the first-person shooter genre.

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While the game pokes fun at things or uses a lot of puns for its humor, it’s never at the expense of itself. Fashion Police Squad is not a joke game, it’s actually a seriously cool game with clever parodies and homages to first-person shooters of the past. In fact, it’s innovative for the genre that could offer a dynamic shift of non-violent shooters in the future. It’s witty and smart, and Mopeful Games really have something special here. Fashion Police Squad is Avant Garde, shaking up what a first-person shooter can be for others to follow.

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