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Fashion Police Squad

Mopeful Games, No More Robots
Aug 15, 2022 - PC

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Fashion Police Squad: 10 Minutes of Gameplay!

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Fashion Police Squad Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Fashion Police Squad

Fashion Police Squad is a fabulous retro style FPS, with a unique theme and tons of ideas packed in.

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Fashion Police Squad is an incredibly silly shooter hearkening back to the original DOOM in its design, while also taking into account some more modern sensibilities. While the combat does suffer from a lack of choice, the tight platforming and hilarious premise does make up for it somewhat.

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One of the greatest things about this game is when you finish helping someone’s style you are met with a ‘YAAAS’ or ‘DAYUM’ while the newly fashioned perp is dancing with joy. Truly the only thing that tops it is the fashion show you get when players finish each level. I loved the hell out of Fashion Police Squad, not only did it feel familiar with its shooter roots but its premise of cleaning up the streets of fashion crimes is so unique and charmingly done that the game just exudes a swag all its own.

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Fashion Police Squad is by no means perfect, but thanks to its strong personality and great ideas, it's worth a blast for any fan of the retro FPS genre. We're very excited to see what this team makes next.

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Overall, this is a fun affair and an invigorating palate cleanser if you usually dwell in darker and more mature material. Also, this is a game you could play with the small fry that will only take five or six hours to complete.

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It gets off to a slow start, but Fashion Police Squad ends up being a refreshing take on the retro shooter with many of the qualities first-person shooters of the 90s brought to the table.

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With excellent visuals and lots of creative, unique ideas, Fashion Police Squad could have easily been something special. If only it wasn't so needlessly aggravating, cramped, and tedious.

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Fashion Police Squad is a fun indie romp that does some clever, colourful things with the often rather samey DOOM clone genre. It's bright and breezy stuff, chock-full of very silly humour and, bonus points, you get to slap people in their faces with a Belt of Justice whilst shooting actual fashion onto their badly-dressed bodies. If you're looking for a few hours of knockabout retro FPS fun with its own unique style and take on the usual shooter mechanics, you could do a lot worse than bagging this stylish bargain. It's simply fabulous, darling!

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