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SD Gundam: Battle Alliance

ARTDINK, Bandai Namco Entertainment
Aug 25, 2022 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for SD Gundam: Battle Alliance

Overall, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a solid mecha game and one that shows how far Artdink has come since their PlayStation Portable days. It’s also a very accessible game in terms of its controls and combat, which the cute approach only helps to accentuate.

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SD Gundam Battle Alliance has me at odds because there’s a lot of things I like about it and a lot of things I don’t, both as a Gundam fan and just a general player. The mobile suits and pilots are fun to collect and explore. The story and missions are also fairly well-done and I like the look of the super deformed versions of a lot of my favorite mobile suits from across the series. My big miff is that the difficulty spike between series of missions makes repeatedly playing the same scenarios to level up your pilots and mobile suits a near-mandatory chore. I also just don’t think it makes good use of the SD spinoff formula. Mix in some annoying inconveniences in camera and other gameplay design and while SD Gundam Battle Alliance may be fun at first, the luster will likely fade for many after a few hours.

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A game clearly developed for fans, entertaining despite its repetitiveness.

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With eternally stagnant, overly repetitive combat with subpar lock-on to boring, tiny levels, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a substantial step down from the quality of Artdink's PSP classics.

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That being said SD Gundam Battle Alliance is certainly one for the fans and a good excuse to witness those iconic moments the franchise is famous for.

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SD Gundam: Battle Alliance is definitely a game that is created for the fans. From the roster of over 60 mobile suits (with more to be added via DLC) across the entirety of the series almost 50-year run its clear to see the passion and work that the team at Artddink poured into this game. The easier combat is complemented by the cutesy art style that the SD universe allows and even though I would prefer a more traditional Gundam experience; I must admit I had a really good time with this game. Even with the lack of an English dub and the easier combat SD Gundam: Battle Alliance may not win over any new fans to the series but for those fans who have been yearning for a new Gundam game this is one that is made for you.

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Gundam Battle Alliance was indeed a nice surprise: an encyclopedic collector's list of the most famous series dedicated to Tomino's creature, told through a combat system that is easy to assimilate and deep enough. However, the simplicity of the game scheme and its repetitive nature do not make it suitable for everyone, making it a niche game for those who like to waste hours on games like Monster Hunter.

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SD Gundam Battle Alliance is one of the best Gundam games in what feels like an age. A highly addictive gameplay loop carries the experience, consisting of bite-sized missions, snappy combat, and the thrill of discovering and unlocking new mobile suits. The grind can feel a bit aggressive at times, and the story's vapid, but there's a clear love for all things Gundam here.

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