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Neotro Inc., Phoenixx Inc.
Sep 28, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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9 / 10
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9 / 10
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9 / 10
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【Release on Sept, 28】"NeverAwake" Annoncement Trailer thumbnail

【Release on Sept, 28】"NeverAwake" Annoncement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for NeverAwake

NeverAwake doesn't just have stellar graphics, it offers up some really special shmup gameplay with a surprising amount of content.

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NeverAwake is a true shump to its core. Despite some repetition in enemy design, this twin-stick shooter takes on the concept of nightmares and blends it into its visual style and gameplay in a way that rewards players who come back for more.

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Everything adds up to make NeverAwake one of the most inventive and interesting twin-stick shooters we’ve played in some time. From its meticulously-created enemies to its responsive controls, everything here has been tuned for your enjoyment. And so once you’ve started playing, chances are you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from it. If you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters, make sure you check this out.

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Twin-stick shooter fans will certainly have some fun with NeverAwake. The short levels make it perfect for quick, on-the-go bursts of shooting, while the actual shooting and power-ups make for a fun and challenging experience. It looks and sounds great, while the presence of two different endings gives the game some replayability. That said, the story isn't all that compelling considering that we've seen it used before, and the game can start to feel like it's running on for too long due to the sameness in some levels.

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I absolutely loved my time with NeverAwake so if you enjoy twin-stick shooters and are looking for a new challenge then I highly recommend it. Plus, the fact that it's as visually stunning and pleasing to the ears as it is makes it even more worthwhile.

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Overall, I feel like NeverAwake did a really great job of encapsulating some of the best aspects of twin-stick shooters and bullet hell genres, all while wrapping it up in a nice package that tells a surprisingly meaningful yet dark story about a young girl and her troubles. The looping mechanic in the non-boss stages and the sheer amount of customization in the form of accessories is a great way to keep the game fresh all the way through. While the game may get tough at some points, there wasn’t a time where I thought the stages were particularly cheap. Even when frustration began to set in, clearing the stage made it all the more worth it in the end. Fans of twin-stick shooters and bullet hells alike are sure to get a blast out of NeverAwake.

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NeverAwake is a truly polished gem, an absolute pleasure from start to finish. The short levels, simple controls, and satisfying challenge all combine to make it oh so tempting to play “just one more level” until you’ve binged the whole game. While there are certainly a few areas here and there that feel less polished, they really focused on the core that makes for a great shooter.

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