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Children Of Silentown

Elf Games, Daedalic Entertainment, Luna2 Studio
Jan 11, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

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Critic Reviews for Children Of Silentown

Despite fumbling at the finish line, Children of Silentown presents an intriguing story that illustrates how fear can cause people to lose sight of what’s important. The puzzles are reasonably challenging and varied, with appealing visuals that help amplify the game’s moody atmosphere. Although the pacing drags in certain areas, Children of Silentown is an enjoyable point-and-click game overall and I would recommend it for both fans of the genre and puzzle game aficionados alike.

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Children of Silentown delivers a compelling story told through stunning hand-drawn graphics and spearheaded by a hauntingly beautiful score that perfectly encapsulates the feelings of melancholy and dread that pervade Lucy's thoughts. Silentown's unique focus on discovering notes to uncover songs which can then be used to unlock puzzles provides a new dynamic to the point-and-click genre, and despite having gripes with one of the puzzle types, I still enjoyed my time unraveling the mystery of Silentown and the monsters that haunt it.

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Children of Silentown doesn't have the best pacing for a point-n-click game, but it does have an enthralling world filled with interesting characters that help push you through its foibles. Using folklore and the perspective of children to amplify its horror credentials allows it to stand out.

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Children of Silentown is a mysterious horror adventure with goosebumps all its own.

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Even if it does get wrapped up in its own mechanics at times, Children of Silentown is a charmingly creepy point-and-click adventure with lots of lore and plenty of heart.

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A incredibly insipid journey of bad design, put through the minds of youth that fails to answer any of the questions asked, instead being the kind of point-n-click title that saw the genre die in the minds of the majority.

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Children of Silentown is yet another story centered around a mysterious town with a disturbing past (and present), but it's handled with a sense of tenderness and youthful optimism that's often missing from modern games. It's one of the most cohesive and engaging puzzle adventures I've played in quite a while, and it's well worth your time.

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Children of Silentown isn't exceptional by any means, but thanks to its intriguing story, fun and simplistic gameplay, and excellent art design, it's still worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of point-and-click adventure games.

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