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Gun Jam

Jaw Drop Games, Raw Fury
Feb 16, 2023 - PC, Meta Quest

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GUN JAM VR | Launch Trailer

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GUN JAM Gameplay Reveal

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GUN JAM | Announcement Teaser

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Critic Reviews for Gun Jam

In its current state though, it doesn’t feel like it’s worth its $20 (USD) price tag. Unless you’re ok with the extra work of digging through its file folders to import your own music that is, because as the game is right now, you can burn through all of its 10-track base game content in less than an hour. And there's nothing much else to it beyond that.

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Gun Jam fails to capitalize on a novel idea through its unpolished and at odds mechanics. There's not much content here and what is there isn't particularly fun.

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It is hard to ignore Gun Jam's lack of content in its current state, as it feels like the game should be in Early Access now rather than fully released.

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GUN JAM had so much potential to be great, but it’s just missing so much extra detail. The game is interesting and a joy to play at first but it loses that luster very quickly once you realize there isn’t much else to the game. With the lack of enemy variety, character background, or more stages to explore and destroy enemies in, GUN JAM needs a lot more work that we might see in the future.

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Gun Jam is a great rhythm game with a fantastic score that could use a little bit more improving on the FPS side of things. Gun-feel needs a bit of polishing, and I’m not in love with the way the game chooses to balance the three characters, but fans of the rhythm genre definitely have plenty to appreciate in this title.

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GUN JAM is an excellent game, in theory. Due to the lack of any real story and issues with its only real stand-out feature, it’s hard to recommend GUN JAM to anyone who is a fan of rhythm shooters, as the game feels under-baked and not fully fleshed out.

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Maybe I just expected more from Gun Jam because every other rhythm-based action game released over the past years ended up being such a banger. It’s not bad at all, as it features a decent cel-shaded presentation, runs like a dream, and features really responsive controls. Sadly, even though the foundations are solid, its main gimmick is a bit too clunky and confusing. I love shooters, and I love Guitar Hero… but combining these two games, without leeways, resulted in a messy experience.

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This lacklustre take on the sub-genre disappoints with its boring shooting and poor handling of custom tracks.

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