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Hotel Renovator

Two Horizons, Focus Entertainment
Mar 7, 2023 - PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5
70 / 100
New Game Network
60 / 100
Thumb Culture
5 / 5
Geeks & Com
7 / 10
Try Hard Guides
8.7 / 10
6.5 / 10
Use a Potion
7.5 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
4 / 5
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Hotel Renovator - PC Launch Trailer

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Hotel Renovator - Release Date Reveal Trailer

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Hotel Renovator - OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Critic Reviews for Hotel Renovator

If you’re a fan of the sim/building/cleaning genres and games like House Flipper, you’ll probably enjoy Hotel Renovator, though it doesn’t exactly break new ground. The process of demolishing and refurbishing the rooms is relaxing and chill enough, as it should be. That’s probably enough, but I wish the controls and camera were a bit more responsive and the campaign a little less skip-worthy. In the end, Hotel Renovator was engaging enough to keep me away from actual cleaning around the house, so goal accomplished.

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Hotel Renovator tries to convey the highs and lows of upscaling a hotel. However, anyone expecting it to be a luxury experience with chocolates left on their pillowcases will be sorely disappointed, as many minor issues lead to a subpar stay.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

I enjoyed playing this game and hope to see some DLC that adds more items to Hotel Renovator. The business side of the game doesn’t get to shine which is a bit of a letdown. They already have put a lot of work into a solid decorating experience for the players.

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Hotel Renovator is overall not a bad simulation game experience. The title developed by Two Horizons takes several elements found in the competition while adapting the overall experience. The decoration of the rooms is really fun and you don't feel the hours passing. It's a pity that we are constantly interrupted in the story mode and that the management of the lighting effects doesn't allow faultless modifications. It would also have been interesting to add visual guides to place our objects in a more uniform way. The regulars of the genre will be charmed by the proposal while the neophytes will try to understand why the game is interesting.

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Hotel Renovator is more than just another addition to the simulator genre, elevating what it means to create a property renovation game. No matter how you play, there’s a lot of satisfaction that will come as a result of seeing a room you created fully come together. While it has occasional issues with textures and NPCs, anyone who enjoys a good home makeover will have a lot of fun in this game.

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Once you get used to the controls in the Story mode, skip towards the game’s sandbox mode. With little to no stakes or objectives, Hotel Renovator quickly becomes a relaxing game to be enjoyed while listening to music or a podcast, as the game itself barely has any music to begin with. That’s the bizarre magic behind games like this one and House Flipper. They are beyond flawed, buggy, messy, not very intuitive, but there’s an inexplicably relaxing gameplay loop in the middle of all this mess.

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Use a Potion

Unknown Author
7.5 / 10.0
Use a Potion

Hotel Renovator is an addictive experience that gives players a fun (and at times comical) take on the hotel business. Whilst renovating and decorating takes centre stage, tending to your guests’ needs and ensuring your hotel is a success feels equally rewarding. With plenty of different tasks to complete on the way, it’s easy to lose hours making your hotel the five-star talk of the town.

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Hotel Renovator joins the ranks of simulation games where you have a job, like Gas Station Simulator, Construction Simulator, and Lawn Mowing Simulator. You start out your journey alongside your sibling, taking on your grandfather’s run-down hotel, which is haunted, probably a murder scene, and looking very shady and condemned. You start off with little to no money and a mission to clear out a room, lobby, and hallway to con some naive person into staying overnight. Along the way, you will progress to more rooms that need to be fixed up and other parts of the hotel to fix up on your way to a five-star rating.

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