Vernal Edge Reviews

Vernal Edge is ranked in the 98th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
9 / 10
Mar 13, 2023

Filled with solid level design, exciting combat, and challenging platforming, Vernal Edge is a worthwhile Metroid-like that very much has its own identity.

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95 / 100
Mar 24, 2023

Vernal Edge is a thrilling character action game mixed with an intricate, connected world that's a joy to explore. The story may not be anything to write home about, but the combat and platforming more than make up for that.

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8.9 / 10.0
Mar 24, 2023

A metroidvania that starts by leaning on overused stylistic cues, but gradually takes off into its own and fairly strong identity thanks to an excellent narrative, a great combat system, good customization options, and a well-balanced platform/adventure/action mix.

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8 / 10.0
Mar 25, 2023

Vernal Edge delivers polished boss battles but ends up lacking in enemy variety. It's enhanced by offering a semi-open world unlike the usual metroidvanias but should have smaller areas and a better map system. Weighing the pros and cons of the game, I conclude there are more good things than bad, enough to recommend it to any fan of the genre who has the patience to brave a world with no directions.

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85 / 100
Mar 27, 2023

With combat full of possibilities, an intriguing story and an excellent environment, Vernal Edge is not only a game with its own identity, but it is also very special. With that, it deserves a top spot on any metroidvania fan's wish list.

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8.5 / 10.0
Apr 13, 2023

Vernal Edge is a great Metroidvania game, with deep and satisfying combat, a whole lot of freedom to explore, and gorgeous pixel art.

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