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City of Beats

Torched Hill, Freedom Games
May 1, 2023 - PC
8.2 / 10
7 / 10
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City of Beats (a music shooter) - Steam Announcement thumbnail

City of Beats (a music shooter) - Steam Announcement

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Critic Reviews for City of Beats

City of Beats cleverly combines elements of roguelike games, twin-stick shooting, and music gameplay. This is a great attempt to mix traditional gameplay elements to create a unique and enjoyable experience that reminds me of the recent game Hi-Fi Rush.

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City of Beats uses musical elements to create a different shooting and action adventure. Dodging and shooting to the rhythm of the soundtrack makes battles immersive, and the high challenge and frantic tempo make the experience electrifying. Other than that, the world oozes style with its electronic music and neon colors. However, the small variety of situations and timid use of rhythmic mechanics prevent the game from standing out. All in all, City of Beats is a passable but unmemorable roguelike.

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