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Fort Solis

Fallen Leaf, Black Drakkar Games, Dear Villagers
Aug 22, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC

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Fort Solis | Summer Game Fest 2022 Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Fort Solis

If Fort Solis really was a Netflix series, it wouldn't get a second season.

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With a slow burn opening that lays the groundwork for a potentially brilliant sci-fi thriller, Fort Solis initially shows plenty of promise - but its story loses momentum in its later chapters, and fails to stick the landing.

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Some of you will certainly enjoy the potential Fort Solis puts forward, but others may find its sharper edges a little too rough to handle.

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Fort Solis places a small but intriguing cast in its off-Earth saga in ways that can be familiar, but it justifies its addition to the subgenre with its own fun twists and philosophical arguments.

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Fort Solis highlights its enigmatic narrative that immerses you in an ever-evolving mystery. Through an episodic structure similar to a thriller series, you connect emotionally with the characters as you meticulously explore the Fort Solis base for clues. Although it lacks conventional action and stealth, its authentic atmosphere and strategic sound design will keep you immersed. However, technical issues in the PS5 version and its limited duration are aspects to consider. Fort Solis offers a unique and captivating narrative experience, though it requires patience and an open mind to appreciate its episodic approach.

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Fort Solis aims for big-budget horror but fails to deliver on all fronts. I don't mind short games in the slightest, in fact, I welcome them, but Fort Solis felt like four hours of my life I will not get back. Unless you have money to throw away, you should probably give this one a miss.

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Fort Solis is presented like an interactive movie, but with gameplay that detracts from the experience rather than complimenting it. The narrative tries to subvert your expectations to maintain the excitement, but despite the compelling circumstances in the beginning, the story failed to stick the landing in the end.

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Fort Solis is a tremendous proposal to turn on the console or PC, sit down with our partner and/or friends, and enjoy as if we were watching a series.

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