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The Gap

Label This, Crunching Koalas
Oct 19, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for The Gap

The Gap had the potential to tell an emotional and unique story, but instead features too much dry science and too little character development.

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The Gap may suffer from some overly basic puzzle design and visual ticks, but this is ultimately an enjoyably mysterious narrative that's still worth the few hours it takes to see through. Its launch price feels a bit high for what’s on offer here, but we’d suggest scooping this one up the first time it goes on sale.

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The Gap is in an intriguing and compelling idea. Unfortunately, it’s underdeveloped, and structured in a way that undermines something critical for any psychological thriller: if you’re not connected to an invested in the characters, then you’re not going to care about what they’re going through enough for it to chill you. The Gap also comes across as something that is badly trying to be analysed in intellectual terms, but fails to land on a distinctive theme that it can call its own. It’s great to see projects like this, from a games-as-art perspective, but it’s not one of the finest examples of that, either.

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The Gap invites us to follow Joshua's journey in search of a cure for a disease that affects his family. Exploring your memories and finding clues that will trigger even more memories, this narrative walking simulator delivers an intriguing, engaging, and gripping story. With an ideal duration, The Gap provides us with an excellent experience on the same level as titles like Tacoma and Call of the Sea.

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The Gap has a compelling and sombre narrative and an interesting premise that will appeal to fans of slow-burning mysteries. Whilst the puzzles could have been slightly more complex, this short game of one man's quest to save his loved ones is still a tale worth experiencing.

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The Gap is a very pleasant surprise, and a great amount of praise needs to be showered onto its developer, the two-person team of Label This. This is a clever and engaging thriller, brought to life with believable characters and a very grounded approach to science fiction that we can really get behind. It isn’t without the odd hiccup, but they’re easy to forget once you’re absorbed into Joshua’s compelling story.

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The Gap doesn’t drop breadcrumbs to lead players to the end, it uses megaphones to scream answers at you while also keeping you completely in the dark. It’s like if Verbal had started his conversation with “I’m Keyser Soze” but then been frustratingly vague about what he was doing on the day in question. The result is something that’s an interesting and big swing in the world of game storytelling, but it only gets a piece of the ball: it doesn’t connect enough for a homerun.

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For my slights with the overall narrative, however, The Gap offers real problems, giving a more sci-fi glimpse to the world of genetic and neurological disorders and how it impacts dreams, ambitions, and our families. For those that love to delve into the mind and its inner workings (with a bit of stretching done to the science behind it), look no further than here.

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