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Quantum Error

TeamKill Media
Nov 3, 2023 - PlayStation 5

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Quantum Error Trailers

Quantum Error - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 thumbnail

Quantum Error - Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Quantum Error - Release Date Story Trailer | PS5 Games thumbnail

Quantum Error - Release Date Story Trailer | PS5 Games

QUANTUM ERROR - Release Date Story Trailer | PS5 thumbnail

QUANTUM ERROR - Release Date Story Trailer | PS5

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Critic Reviews for Quantum Error

Though heavy on style and creepy vibes, the scariest things going on in Quantum Error are its tepid story and characters, numerous bugs, oppressive checkpoints, and a roster of truly dumb enemies.

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At the end of the day, I ask myself these questions about Quantum Error given the many genres it is trying to tackle. As a shooter game, is it fun? No. As a horror game, is it scary? Nope. As a firefighter simulator, is it cool? Sometimes I guess. Would I recommend this title as a full priced 60 dollar game? Never. TeamKill Media has done a commendable job being only a team of 4 to come up with something this massive and ambitious. However, this is another sad case of biting off more than you could chew. This might be up your alley if you're into janky, B-movie messes.

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Unknown Author
2 / 10

Terrible visual effects, ugly animation and constant objects pop-up clearly shows how the game is simply way too good for PlayStation 5 to handle.

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Quantum Error feels like a game the team had passion about. There are good ideas here wrapped in a package that is executed poorly on all fronts. It doesn’t help that the developers decided to enrage fanboy wars on Twitter leading up to the release of the game. It put it in a spotlight the game wasn’t built to take. The price tag also hurts as this is a full-priced game in a budget game build. I could be a lot more forgiving if the sticker price was around $30, but at $60 I cannot recommend anyone lay down the funds for this one. It is disappointing in almost every aspect.

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Quantum Error desperately wants to just be a dystopian sci-fi CGI film, without any pesky gameplay to kill its momentum. Alas, there is a clunky, antiquated, and unrefined shooter wedged between the game’s Unreal Engine 5 cinematics. Love and attention was poured into the cutscenes, but the shooter is malnourished and not very much fun. Next time, just make a movie.

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Despite having an interesting story concept, Quantum Error's underwhelming gameplay, terrible cinematics and horrendous voice acting drag down what could have potentially been a great horror experience.

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Quantum Error is very far from modern game standards and fails to deliver the experience promised during the promotional campaign.

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Credit where credit’s due: considering this is made by just four brothers, Quantum Error aims high, which is admirable. The execution is simply not there, though. This is a game that simply tries to do too much, and as a result feels messy. If you’ve got a lot of patience and really like the idea of being a firefighter caught in a horrifying situation, you might get get something out of Quantum Error. Most, though, will just encounter frustration.

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