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Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition

Take-Two Interactive, Gearbox
Oct 6, 2023 - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
8 / 10
3.5 / 5
5.5 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
Gaming Age
8.7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
9 / 10
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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition - Official Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition - Official Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition

Though many doubted how well Borderlands 3 would work on the Switch, we're pleased to report that this is a well-built port that effectively squeezes down almost the entirety of Borderlands 3 onto Nintendo's handheld. The deep loot system, stable performance, goofy tone, snappy gunplay, and enormous amount of content all come together to make this one an easy recommendation, though those who prefer multiplayer may be disappointed at the diminished options here. Gearbox rightly deserves praise for the work the team put in here to make this happen; Borderlands 3 on the Switch is well worth your time.

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Despite my gripes, about five hours in, I had already accepted the presentation for what it was and I was having a great time slaying baddies with bonkers weapons and meeting new allies with uniquely bizarre personalities. Of course, for those with other options, Borderlands 3 on the Nintendo Switch is certainly not the best way to play the game. But it's all here. There are loads of fun weapons to loot, exciting bosses to fight, and enough humor to keep anyone entertained from beginning to end. If the Switch is your only option, this is still a truly fine way to experience a great game.

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Whenever anyone asked how Borderlands 3 was running on Nintendo Switch, my response was “about as good as you expect.” That was quite early on. My response now would be “get ready to take breaks,” not because you’ll need to take a break from the game, but the sudden pauses will make you take a break, and they get worse the further you go. If you have any other way to play Borderlands 3, that will be a better option. If you only have a Switch, the game is fine and can still be enjoyable, just be ready to exercise some patience.

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Though the Switch may not be as powerful as some of its counterparts, Gearbox Software still managed to do a phenomenal job taking so much content and condensing it into one neatly tied package without taking a major loss in performance. Still, this Switch port’s lack of some multiplayer options, along with a slight visual downgrade and lengthier loading times between stages when compared to other platforms, are a bit of a bummer. However, none of these minor flaws take away from the excitement that Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition provides, whether at home or on the move.

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All things considered, Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition is a pretty neat achievement that’s only slightly undermined by the fact that we had an even better port of an even more well-received open-world game from a previous generation just a few months ago. Even so, this is a fun game in its own right, and if you’re after a big, open-world shooter with lots of guns and gore on the Switch, this is definitely one of your better options.

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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition is not the game for players who have already played the game on another platform or would like to pick up the game for the PS5, Xbox or PC. The Ultimate Edition is available for the other platforms and is the ultimate version for four people. But the Switch version is a great game if you've never played the series before, you like to play the game on the go, or the Switch is the only console you own. This is one of the most impressive ports for the Nintendo Switch and many people thought that the third part would skip the Switch. We are happy that the game does not skip the platform, because Borderlands 3 is still a very cool game on the Switch.

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Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition successfully joins the list of improbable - but very welcome - adaptations to the Nintendo console. Even with the inevitable graphic downgrade, all the chaos and insanity of the 2K series are still present and addicting in this version, proving that among weapons, psychopaths and dubious jokes, the worst sin is not to get in. Recommended!

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