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Backpack Hero

Jaspel, Different Tales, IndieArk
Nov 14, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Backpack Hero

Despite floundering a bit with meta-progression mechanics, Backpack Hero is still a thoroughly entertaining deckbuilding roguelike. Its use of item management as a central game mechanic is wildly inventive, and I consistently wanted to reenter the dungeon just to explore new item synergies. I do wish the town sections didn’t drag the pace of the main campaign as much as they did. But even if you strictly use the Quick Game mode, Backpack Hero is still a worthwhile venture.

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Backpack Hero is an excellent roguelike that should be on everyone's radar. Every moment of the game is fun to play, the story is solid, and the meta progression is deeply satisfying. It's everything a good roguelike should be, and I'm going to continue playing it as soon as I finish writing this paragraph.

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Backpack Hero makes Deck Building easy by replacing a deck of cards with a backpack, and has some seriously unique ideas.

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Backpack Hero offers some neat adventures worth experiencing, but you'll have to grapple with a persistently irritating interface and other rough edges to find them all.

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Backpack Hero has a unique core mechanic that works. I liked constantly thinking of what I wanted to pick up and how I could create combos by placing items just right. There are a ton of possibilities, even if combat itself often feels limited and repetitive.

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Backpack Hero is a novel game that can be enjoyable at first but its awkward controls and repetitive dungeons get stale rather quickly.

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Geek to Geek Media

Geek Friends
Geek to Geek Media

Backpack Hero is a rogue-lite, dungeon crawler, inventory management game that is so much deeper than it appears on its surface.

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Backpack Hero features a novel premise that makes constantly collecting items and arranging them endlessly exciting.

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